Complete DMRNNS12/13 Milwaukee Tools Toyota Request

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Jul 28, 2019
How and where are planning to use this paint?: Private Offline Racing

Sim: NR2003

Mod: DMRNNS12/13

Car Model: 2013 Toyota Camry

Requesting just the BASE? No

Driver Name: None

Number: 47

Number Font or Link: JTG Daugherty Racing 47 (

Number Color(s): Black Outline and White Interior

Contig Set Pref: 2013 Nationwide Series

Base Info


Primary: Red
Secondary: White
Wheel Color: Black
Other: Looking for a look similar to Milwaukee sponsored V8 Supercars from late-2010's

Primary: Milwaukee Tools
Secondary: Kroger
Associates: Scotts, Kingsford, Clorox

Other- I have the template and can provide it via DM if needed but it is made by SRD and not my property to upload.

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