2010 Colin Braun Conway Freight car for NXS20

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Jun 2, 2017
I've tried my hand at remaking this scheme multiple times, but have either been disappointed with the result or couldn't go any further because my hand locks up, so I'd love some help with this one

Sim: NR2003
Mod: NXS20
Car Model: Toyota
Year the base was used: 2010
What Race was it used in: majority of the 2010 Xfinity Season
Primary: Silver
Secondary: Black/Blue/White
Wheel Color: Black
Other: This was Colin Braun's primary paint scheme for 2010, but ended up getting replaced mid-season by either a cup driver or Brian Ickler

I primarily use GIMP, but having it in a PSD file would work great

Appreciate the assistance, to whomever takes my request


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