2007 ARCA Photo Reference

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Apr 5, 2017
This is a bit of a longshot request but maybe someone here can help me out. I'm wanting to complete a full roster of cars that ran the ARCA 200 at Daytona in 2007 for NR2003, as I want to attempt to simulate a full Daytona Speedweeks with some edits I've made to Daytona 2006. I have found most of the carfiles I'm looking for, or have been able to find substitutes for the ones I don't have, save for a few cars that wrecked out in the first half of that race. I'm capable of painting them myself, but I'm particular about fine details in using the correct decals, and thus I'm struggling to find reference photos in decently high resolution of those few cars. I recall ThePitLane.org having a lot of photos archived, but seeing as how that site is no longer online, and the photos I'm looking for aren't on Web Archive either, I'm close to exhausting my resources. Motorsport Images and the Motorsport.com photo gallery have only gotten me so far. Specifically I'm missing schemes for the #8 of Brian Conz, and the #85 of Greg Barnhart, but a general go-to resource for similar plights like this would be useful as well.

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this is in the wrong category, wasn't quite sure where to ask this.


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Jul 31, 2016
here's the 8. Not real high res but its a start, I'm still digging to see what I can find though.

EDIT: heres another of Conz' Sadler Brothers 8 Car

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