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  1. BryceO84

    2021 ARCA Daytona Carset 1.0

    This Carset contains all 34 cars from the 2021 Lucas Oil 200 at Daytona, which was won by Corey Heim. Also included is one car that withdrew from the event. The Carset is compatible with the Gen6BR_cts mod. Credits: Templates: Big Evil Racing, Bryce Orfanides, Smiffsden Contingencies: Bryce...
  2. DiecastCharv

    2021 BMR ARCA Series #99 [Multiple versions] (PNG & PSD) 2021-04-02

    Drawn from photo reference
  3. flyersfan4888

    2007-11 31-W Insulation Logopack 2021-04-02

    Previously hosted on SRD I had a long, drawn out, halfway insulting description on the original post that I don't really remember so...yeah. Anyway, logos as they appeared on the 05 Nationwide car in the 2007-11-ish range. Not perfect but good enough where nobody is going to question it. Hood...
  4. Blaise

    Paint authenticity opinion

    Hello hello! I just have a quick question. I was wondering what the consensus is on being authentic to the paint job of a particular race scheme when it comes to contingency logos or to go off of the series contingency layout guide? I want to do some 2021 ARCA cars and they put out a guide for...
  5. BryceO84

    2021 ARCA Contingencies (Gen6BR) 1.0

    These are the contingencies for ARCA Menards Series, ARCA Menards Series East, and ARCA Menards Series West, updated to 2021. This contingency set is 2048 resolution and is best used with the 2014 Gen6BR templates from Big Evil Racing. Also included with this set are template parts, which can be...
  6. SR2448

    Arca Menards Series Race Winner Sticker Logo (Non Year Specific)

    This is the Arca Menards Series winner sticker, I had to make this from scratch for a project, so I decided to post it here. Note: This is non year specific, usually the year would be above the Arca Menards logo. Credit when used please ;)
  7. BryceO84

    2020 ARCA Menards Series Carset 1.0

    The 2020 ARCA Menards Series Carset is now available. This set contains all 192 cars from the 20 race championship, which was won by Bret Holmes. This includes all 107 cars from the 2020 Sioux Chief Showdown, which was won by Sam Mayer. An additional bonus car is included as well. The Carset is...
  8. Blaise

    Jason Hathaway ARCA Kubota 1

    I've watched Jason's career and like the guy. I really felt like he should come on over to the ARCA series from Pinty's so I got his car ready for him. Pit crew included. Cup and CTS version. CREDITS: Pitcrew: Smiffsden Numbers: Myself Decals: Google and myself Templates: Bill1947 Original...
  9. DiecastCharv

    2021 Mullins ARCA Series #3 (PNG & PSD) 2020-12-31

    Hand drawn from photo reference
  10. l_ihms27

    Michael Waltrip Racing Arca 3 car team 2020-08-16

    Templates: BER Numbers: BER Base: Me Sponsors: Google/ Render: Garret1127 Ever wonder what would happen if Michael Waltrip started an Arca team? Yeah me neither, but now you can pretend he does
  11. Dominic Carranza

    New Gen ARCA Templates 2

    So Talladega was shall we say...Interesting to say the least. Well I have a brilliant idea. New ARCA cars. We bring aerodynamics more into FOCUS. These cars will CRUZE through the air and in the draft. Pack racing will return and races at superspeedways will be on a (CO)ROLL(A). Drivers...
  12. Steve Rosswick

    MARC Carset (1954-1956) 1.0

    This set includes 57 cars from the MARC (ARCA) Series circa 1954-1956. This set includes ratings - I wanted to rate the cars in such a way that created a racing environment similar to how the series ran back then. There are several front runners, some mid-packers and also some backmarkers...
  13. Wjw1888

    2020 ARCA Menards East Series Pack #1 2020-02-16

    CREDITS: Templates: BigEvilRacing, GilliamRegal Numbers: BigEvilRacing, Myself (50) Logos: Google CARS INCLUDED: #1 Max McLaughlin Toyota Racing Development #2 Derek Griffith Unsponsored #4 Chase Cabre Honda Generators / Max Siegel #17 Tanner Gray Ford Performance #18 Ty Gibbs Monster Energy /...
  14. DaleJrFan95

    2000 #27 Ryan Newman Taurus ( ARCA ) 2020-01-31

    Ryan Newman made his debut driving for Roger Penske in 2000 at the ARCA Michigan race. Starting second, he would eventually finish the race in 7th. CREDITS: Number: Photo of diecast box Render: TMS Logos: Google Template: Splash N Go Comes with ratings, no crew. For Cup98_CTS.
  15. DaleJrFan95

    2000 #27 Ryan Newman Alltel Ford ( ARCA ) 2020-01-30

    Ryan Newman piloted this Ford Taurus in five ARCA races throughout the 2000 season, taking home the victory in three of them. CREDITS: Render: TMS Template: Splash N Go Number: Photo of diecast box Logos: Google Comes with ratings, no crew. For Cup98_CTS.
  16. DaleJrFan95

    2020 #4 Hailie Deegan Ford ( ARCA ) 2020-01-21

    Hailie's ride from the ARCA pre-season testing at Daytona. She posted the 8th fastest lap of the day. CREDITS: Template: BR - GilliamRegal Number: BigEvilRacing Logos: Mixture of sources, primarily Google. Render: TMS For Gen6_2013. CTS physics. Ratings from K&N West 2019 season, no crew.
  17. nascarnut55

    NSDCA Season 4 Mountain Dew Custom Series Carset 2020-01-18

    The NSDCA Mountain Dew Custom Series has closed up it's fourth season of competition and will release it's carset once again. The MDCS is the second-tier division of the NSDCA, sporting over 50 teams and over 80 drivers in the cars over the long season. Credits: Bases- Myself and my Painter...
  18. DaleJrFan95

    2019 #55 Hailie Deegan Toyota ( ARCA ) 2019-07-03

    Hailie's car from the 2019 ARCA race at Toledo. She started 12th, and would finish 18th after being involved in a wreck. CREDITS: Render: garrett1127 Logos: Google Template: BR - GilliamRegal Number: BigEvilRacing Comes with ratings, no crew. For GEN62013_CTS.
  19. Becca_NR03

    2019 ARCA Menards Series Season File 2019-A

    Yet another season file from me for all you ARCA runners out there to use containing all 20 races.
  20. DaleJrFan95

    #45 Patty Moise Buick 1989 ( ARCA ) 2019-03-28

    Patty Moise would win the pole for the 1989 ARCA season opener at Daytona with this ride, finishing 19th after a flat tire. CREDITS: Template: Racingrafix Logos: Google or Scratch made Contingencies: CAkin Render: TMS Number: Photo of car Comes with ratings, but no crew. For Cup90_CTS