World Touring Super Series Carset (Season 1)

World Touring Super Series Carset (Season 1) 1.0

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The WTSS is a worldwide racing series that runs all forms of tracks across 6 continents, 20 ovals and 20 road courses, the racing is good and exciting, and the suspense is even greater.

This carset comes with both the Oval and Road Course bodies that brought the action throughout season 1.

NR2003 7_25_2018 4_47_56 PM.png

NR2003 5_13_2018 12_20_42 AM.png

Numbers: BER & TND
Bases: Paint by Rah, Ceej, Stunod Racing
Templates: @Bill1947 & SNG
Mod: Bullring
Schemes by Others: Tristian Wilhoit, Jeffrey Finguy, Sean Angel, and Joseph Onesto

Extra Download
Corrected Goodyear Tires for the Road Course Bodies