FCRD NCS22 v1 V1 Fix

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4.73 star(s) 62 ratings

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Latest reviews

Was this project abandoned?
Mod appears great, Mod does not run great though. Very laggy. Very low frame rates. Crashes when in accident on the track.
This is a great mod! But it needs some fixes with the gauges in the cockpit view. Hope this issue would be fixed in the next update. THANKS!
Still needs a lot of work.
Gauges too small on interior view
Ride height is all wrong, way to high
Shadows off buildings and other cars doesn't work
Finder wells very choppy compared to past mods
frame rate is low
I hope they will release a v2 that corrects a lot of the issues.
First, thank you for the excellent work. As for the low fps bugs and sudden game closing, it was enough to uncheck the shadows options and there were no more problems. Which, of course, can be resolved in the next version.
Can't thank you enough for keeping the game up to date and all the time and effort spent on this project. Thx so much!
What does this fix... fix?
Great MOD and thanks for sharing. Need´s a litte bit polishing. It´s a bit laggy and when shadows are enabled game crashes.
thank you too all involved in making this mod .
Thanks for all the hard work... Looks Great