AMERICAN DIRT LEAGUE - Fictional Universe Carset for NPS17

AMERICAN DIRT LEAGUE - Fictional Universe Carset for NPS17 1

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Who says we can’t bring a rural spectacle to America’s most iconic downtowns?

Who says we can’t turn a college professor into a professional racer?

Who says we can’t use supercar parts for dirt ovals?

Who says we can’t go from small towns to a national stage?

Welcome to the American Dirt League by Jet’s Racing Designs. Who says we can’t?

The AMERICAN DIRT LEAGUE is the most prominent series for dirt oval racing in the country. The series found stable ground early thanks to Barwick‘s wide network allowing him and his series' drivers to gain a variety of sponsors and investors that they wouldn’t have otherwise. The series continued to grow into one of the most distinct championships in the world thanks to owner Charles Barwick‘s desire to be an innovator in both the sporting product and the business, most notably growing quicker throughout the 2000s by being ahead of the curve with using the internet as a marketing and engagement tool.

Charles Barwick has remained the owner and head of the series from its inception, and shows no sign of slowing down soon despite being in his 70s. He gained notoriety across the world of sports for being vocal, engaged, and energetic with both staff and fans, and for being publicly blunt about his goals to grow his properties. Even today, he still attends the majority of AMERICAN DIRT LEAGUE events when schedules don’t conflict with another ANY Sports property, and engages with fans and drivers like anyone else.

The series features a unique process for building the cars that race each week. Car bodies and chassis are built to specifications, however engines and powertrains have few specifications beyond a horsepower regulation, and require gas engines. This is intended to provide a sense of fairness and uniformity to be approachable to team owners, while at the same time giving each car a unique personality for drivers and fans.




Today, the series hosts roughly 30 races each season across the country, with its marquee events being the three doubleheader weekends. These consist of the two stadium shootout events, hosted once in the spring and once in the summer at two different major stadiums each year, and the American Dirt League finals, hosted at a major permanent dirt track that also rotates by year. The series uses a playoff style system to decide the season champion in its final few events, leading to the championship being decided in the final doubleheader. Additionally, the 2024 Paint Scheme Showcase as part of the American Dirt League’s offseason fan festival. It’s a tradition for teams to reveal their primary paint schemes for the upcoming year at this event, which also rotates to bring the series to new cities. In 2024, the fan festival is being hosted in Austin, Texas. As for the rotating race events, the stadium shootouts will be held in Tampa, Florida and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2024, with the championship race being held this year on the dirt surface at Bristol Motor Speedway.


Chevy, Ford, and Toyota Templates by @NokiaCupSeries (

Nissan, Hyundai, and Aston Martin Templates by Myself (

Logos from Google Images and Sponsor Websites

Numerous Number Fonts and Asset Fonts from Google Fonts and

All Cars and Numbers designed by me in GIMP and Inkscape

Thank you!

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