1981 Winston Cup / NR2003-Aero88 / Complete Car-set (355 cars)

1981 Winston Cup / NR2003-Aero88 / Complete Car-set (355 cars) 1.2_6-23-2024

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CREDITS: The US Pits for the Aero88 mod; Dr. Noise paints & Chris Crockford for the initial 1981 car-set (160+ cars); The US Pits, Thunder 98, Bandit033, dB & jopajoe for the templates; nr2k3-weebly.com for their NR2003 website database library; Racing Reference for the stats; Google; Adobe Photoshop

This is a complete carset (355 cars*) for the Winston Cup 1981 Season; It is split into four (4) files for purposes of upload file-size posting (simply unzip and copy all the files into a single folder); Driver Ratings are compiled from actual statistics (Racing Reference); Rosters for each race of the 1981 season are included, and also the Daytona 500 Qualifying Races. *Note: I spent countless hours Google searching, and it was very difficult to find historical photos on some of the cars/drivers, so certain car files should be considered as "supposed schemes" to enable completion of the entire set. If anyone has better versions or reference photos of those cars, feel free to send them. I will paint corrected versions and replace them in the car-set.


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Latest reviews

Love the work you have done on this 1981 car set, however, the download link will only give me the updated #73 car. Is there any way to fix it so we can download the entire set?
Thanks for the information ... I have re-posted the entire set as version 1.2 (with the updated #73 inserted into the set)
Hey after the update im only able to download the one car
It has been re-posted ... sorry
Very cool, thanks for sharing!
This is incredible and such a nice surprise! Thank You for all the time and effort You put into this!
Very nice set! Haven't heard of you in forever, I remember you on NNRacing when you were making 1997 schemes on the Cup11s mod.
Yeah, I wish I still had those files. The hard drive on my old PC crapped out, and those files seems to have been purged from NNRacing.