Complete Whelen Modified Paint Request

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Mar 7, 2021
How and where are planning to use this paint? Mock Seasons

Sim: NR2003

Mod: Whelen Modified

Car Model: No preference

Requesting just the BASE? Not sure what that means.

Driver Name: Steve Fulton

Number: 99

Number Font or Link: No preference, just not too thin.

Number Color(s): Black or whatever fits well with sponsors.

Contig Set Pref: Minimal or None

Base Info
NOTE: If this is to be a clone of a real car please post images below the filled out form, NOT Links, images please don't make the painter chase this down for you.

Primary: White
Secondary: Not sure, probably green for main sponsor Libby Hill.
Wheel Color: Chrome

Primary: Libby Hill Seafood Restaurants "We bring the coast to you!"
Secondary: Carolina Marina
Associates: Allen's Dairy Treats
You may specify positions or leave it up the the painter, the latter is preferred.:)

Other details and Notes:

Would like a North Carolina flag beside drives name on roof.
Pit crew would be appreciated but if not, that's no biggie.

Images Below

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