Using Wireframe in FCRD nsc22 templates

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Eric Hostetler

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Aug 17, 2017
Morning all!

This here's for people just getting started....I thought I would share a bit of what I have learned so far from working with ncs22 templates. It has to do with following wireframe to get good results. As you see in the picture I provided, my first two base logos follow the base wireframe line. Grand Ole Opry and Smoky Moonshine. Then, my next logo, Pinnacle follows the next wireframe line up. As you see for the top logo, Genesis Diamonds, I decided to follow the blue base layer instead....Hope this helps you in lining things up the right way...Also, you avoid the narrow areas around the wheel well....Those areas curve and won't display your logo flat...

White Eagle

Wire Tutorial.jpg


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Dec 1, 2018
I do not remember - is the angle on these little corner pieces -7 or -13?

The usual angle which has been burned into my brain is -10.5 (190.5) for another mod.

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