Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - The South Point 400

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Slick 18

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Good Wednesday to you all Stunod Racing Pick'Em Experts, and Welcome to another week of Pick'Em!

With the exception of a few of us last week, we can just throw the Brickyard 400 in the trash, then again if you're Tom and you're dominating Pick'Em this year, you had another good week....

We do have to commend @DavenMotorsport and @pomcat for picking S1 and S2 winners last week, and @purerushracingleague, myself, and Pomcat again for at least getting the bonus right. Although I didn't get much else right...

Here's how we look heading into race 27/36:


Anyway onto the City of Lost Wages

Here's the entries for Sunday:


For this week, we're looking for the S1, S2, Winner, and Bonus Picks. The bonus is easy for this week.

Who will be the highest finishing Busch Brother?

Now, onto the City of Lost Wages thing -- I'm offering anybody who is willing to wager some points for this week an opportunity to double them -- but I must warn you, it's all or nothing.

If you choose to gamble, please put under your pick "DOUBLE OR NOTHING" for your chance to double your points for this week. It's exactly what it sounds like. If your race winner wins, you get to double your points.

If not, well, you're walking away with a Goose Egg.

Best of luck to all, PM me with any questions!
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Aug 25, 2016
STAGE 1: Clint Bowyer
STAGE 2: Kurt Busch
WINNER: Kevin Harvick

BONUS: Kurt Busch

Go BIG or Go Home!
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