Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - The Quaker State 400

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Slick 18

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Good Wednesday Morning to you Stunodees and welcome to another week of Pick'Em!

We'll keep last week's recap short, mainly because there wasn't much to look towards after last week x'D. I looked over everything, and we will have a double points "Redemption Week" later this season, so stay tuned for when we unveil that for a future weekend *cough LadyinBlack cough*

At any rate, I do want to recognize @Highbank for picking the Stage 1 Winner, Joey Logano, and @purerushracingleague for choosing Ryan Newman as their winner, he was the only one of our picks that found their way into the Top 10. Since nobody's Coca Cola pick won, I instead, awarded 2 bonus points to those who selected Ryan Newman as their bonus pick.

After a wild week, we see things between the top 4 get even more squeezed together. Here's how we shake out heading to Kentucky.



Whoops, wrong Sparta

Here's how they're entered for this week:


We're back to normal this week, just get those picks in before the call to start engines this weekend. We're looking for S1, S2. Winner, and Bonus Picks.

For our Bonus Pick, let's take a look back at the last 8 (only 8) races at Kentucky Speedway since they expanded the Cup Series to the track.

Since then, only 4 drivers have won here (one of them is retired), so the question is:

Who Will Finish Higher? Martin Truex Jr, Kyle Busch, or Brad Keselowski

Best of Luck to Everybody! If you have any questions, PM me with any questions you might have!
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Aug 25, 2016
Stage 1: Brad "NoLift" Kez
Stage 2: Kevin Harvick
Winner: Kyle Busch
Bonus: Kyle "WHAT? Did you forget 'bout me?" Busch

All of this subject to change...I'll get back to you after the race... `6`
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Jan 10, 2018
Stage 1: Martin Truex Jr
Stage 2: Martin Truex Jr
Winner: Martin Truex Jr
Bonus: Martin Truex Jr

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