Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - The Federated Auto Parts 400

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Slick 18

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Hi Diddly Ho there Stunodroonies and Welcome to another Week of our World Famous Pick'Em Series!

Last week we went down to the city of lost wages, and all of us who went out and gambled.... well we lost. Some of us ended up choosing the first loser, but nobody could find a way to put a paw on Martin Truex Jr to win at his home racetrack in Vegas. All for Shame!

Additionally, we didn't even have any hits on stage winners either! This is an extreme rarity, and while I'd have to go back and take a look at the last time we all went 0-fer on stages and race winners, I'm just going to guess it was a Super Speedway. We did have a new face in the crowd last week, a late welcome to @Niallo.83, who ended up turning in a very solid first week on the beat with 43 points!

After last week, our top rankings remain virtually unchanged, however, we see @garrett1127 and @M_Nesevitch extend their leads on the remainder of the Top 5 as myself, @11darknight10, and @Highbank each went for Double or Nothing, and came up empty. It's slowly becoming a 2-horse race, but there will be some changes for bonus points down the line, so don't count yourself out yet!


We head back to Richmond Raceway, for a race that I was originally planning to go to, but I also haven't heard from my friend who lives just beyond the backstretch in sometime, so I'm gonna have to pass on crashing the party this weekend. Here's how they stack up this Saturday Night:


Sorry, still waiting on the entry list... I'll change this, either this afternoon or tomorrow morning depending on when everything is released.

While we are just looking again for S1, S2, Race Winner, and Bonus Question answers this week, keep an eye out for a future thread for open discussion on how to improve the league for 2020. We had some great participation this year, but I need some help from the folks in the crowd on how we can make this even better for next year.

For the bonus this week, we're looking for a simple yes or no question, so an easy way to grab a few bonus points. I say few, because there's another yes or no attached to it.

Will this race go into Overtime, Yes or No? If Yes, will the leader heading into overtime win the race?

Best of Luck to everyone this week! PM me with any questions!


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Aug 25, 2016
Stage 1: Kevin Harvick
Stage 2 Kyle Busch
Winner: Kyle Busch
Bonus: Yes
If it's Kyle Busch , Yes

garrett1127 copied me!

I know what you're thinking, "If he copied you how come he posted first?"
My answer, "That's because he's that good!"
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Mar 23, 2018
Watching on delay.. Forgot my picks this week. It's 7:40pm and Im pretty sure they fired by now.. I'll have to start gambling next week!

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