Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - The Bojangles Southern 500

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Slick 18

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Southern 500 Week/Labor Day Week to you Stunodees!

After a quick off-week, we're back for Southern 500 Week, and as I alluded to, this is going to be one of the two remaining weeks for receiving up bonus points should you meet a specific set of requirements. Before we get to that mumbo-jumbo, let's tale a look back at the Night Race @ Bristol.

I gotta say, @11darknight10 deserves a small shout out for selecting Matt DiBenedetto as the race winner. I contemplated with it, but I never went through with it, and he alllllmost brought it home. Unfortunately NEWMAN happened.

Also, a shout out to @garrett1127 for clicking in on Kyle Larson and Kurt Busch on both S1 and S2, he was the only one to click on Stage 2 last week. Myself, @Highbank, and @Cola83 along with Tom took Kyle Larson on S1 and were happily rewarded. Nobody got the winner, and in an upset, Daniel Hemric is actually your BPS high finisher, so it was not a gimmie, eh?

Here's the standings:


So if Tom could just "forget" or something..... Anyway, onto the Lady in Black:


I Need S1, S2, Race Winner, and bonus picks. Get them in before they call to start engines on Sunday Night.

Let's just get the bonus question out of the way here - Peruse this list:

Your Bonus this week is easy, which Throwback Car will finish the highest? It can be any car listed on that link.

Now for points for this week. THIS WEEK ONLY

Stage Winners will now get 5 bonus points along with a correct prediction.

Race Winners will now get a 10 bonus points along with a correct prediction.

If You Choose a Throwback Car to win, and they win, you will receive a 25 point bonus


By my calculations, that means you can earn upwards of 155 points this week. That's enough for you to make a huge jump heading into the MENCS playoffs -- where we will have another bonus point race (albeit, not this wild).

Best of Luck to Everybody! If you have any questions, PM me with any questions you might have!

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