Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - Season Ending Awards + 2020 Discussion Thread

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Slick 18

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Good Wednesday Morning Stunodees! We're a day away from Turkey Day and right in the thick of Silly Season '19-'20! I've finally had a chance to tabulate our final points totals for the 2019 and wanted to add some discussion on planning for 2020, which might as well be next week!

As we watched Kyle Busch race across the start finish line ten days ago, we saw the end of a memorable Pick'Em Season come to an end. As I mentioend prior to the race, @garrett1127 had already "secured the bag" as the 2019 Pick'Em Champion. Tom was nearly our wire-to-wire champ, ending up at the top of the leaderboards almost every week, leading to his breakaway win at the end of it, Here's how we all finished:


That being said, without further adeu, I present @garrett1127 with the first Nostradamus Pick'Em Champion Trophy! Congrats Tom!


I also wanted to go and present a Rookie of The Year Trophy. While we are all technically rookies, I wanted to present the trophy to the individual who joined after the July Daytona Race to reward a late entry, who might not have had a real shot at contending, but was here week in and week out putting in picks.

For that honor, the 2019 Stunod Racing Pick'Em Rookie of the Year goes to @DavenMotorsport ! *honorable mention to @Cola83 as well, as he entered before the Daytona race, but put up an INSANE pace of points in that time frame, outscoring our champion in that timeframe by 32 points.


Congrats @DavenMotorsport !!

Last, but not least, we honor the "Steadie Eddie", the picker who averaged the most points per ace across the races that they participated in! Doing points per race would be pointless, because it would just be a redundant repeat of who the champion is. The winner had to participate in a minimum of 15 pick'em events.

With 40 points/race, This goes to our champion, @garrett1127 ! congrats Tom, or as we shall call you now, Steadie Eddie!


And with that being said, we're wide open for 2020. I am open to all suggestions for champion prizes, playoff suggestions, points, etc.

I will say that as much as I love keeping track of points, I am looking for an easier way to enter points. Would anyone be against getting a set score based off of something reported from say NASCAR's Fantasy website, then getting additional points based on how you scored in comparison to your competitors next year?



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Mar 23, 2018
Congrats Tom, TD, and Cola83! Thanks Cutch for the series!! My suggestion for next year would be, pick the stage winners, race winner and bonus. If you're guy don't win any of the 3, you get no points! 1 point for stage win, 5 for race win, ? for bonus..
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Jan 10, 2018
Congrats to Tom and thanks Clutch for putting on the series.... I'm looking forward to the whole 2020 Pick'em :cool:..


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Jul 8, 2017
I think, to allow mid-season entries to climb the standings more, a '04-'06 chase format should be included.
After race 26, the top 10 are reset and battle it out.


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Aug 25, 2016
Congrats Tom, I had you for a while then it went all pear-shaped, rolled over and well you know...

Hey @Cutch_22 how about something with ROTY battle it should be good in 2020...just an add-on each week maybe not a whole big shedoo

and one more time thanks to @Cutch_22 for the magnificent job officiating this thing, a ton of work and you did it so well THANKS!

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