Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - Go Bowling At The Glen

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Slick 18

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Good Thursday Morning to you Stunod Pickers, and Welcome to another week of Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em! Also, with this being a late post, Happy Eldora Dirt Derby Day!

We skid into the dogleg of the NASCAR season, hoping not to end up like Derrick Cope did in this week of Pick'Em:


After exiting the Tricky Triangle, we exit with no picks on the winner last week, although many of us had Kyle Busch winning the first stage. Our first steps into the GOTS were taken last week as well with the Bonus Pick. For those of you keeping an eye to Long Pond on Saturday, you saw that Harrison Burton was the high finisher, so congrats to those who secured the extra bonus point there.

In the standings last week, we saw Tigg get overtaken for 5th in the standings by @11darknight10, adding a new face to the Top 5, which otherwise remains unchanged. We see that Tom has extended his lead just a little bit over Bill and Mick, but with a big handful of races remaining on the MENCS schedule, there's still plenty of points to be had, and plenty of ground that can be made up, even by some of our newer competitors. Here's how we stack up heading to upstate NY.


Onto the Glen, We go, Let's go Bowling!


Sadly, no authentic ringers it looks like :( would love to see a few on this entry list.

Anyway, we'll be looking for the usual stage winners and the bonus, make sure those picks are in before the call to start the engines on Sunday.

For the bonus, we are going to change things up a bit, instead of just one point being availible to you this week, let's up the ante, and make it worth 5 points, all you have to do for the bonus is:

Who will finish in the Top 5 of the Go Bowling at The Glen Race on Sunday?

Just pick who you think will finish in the Top 5 of the race on Sunday, you'll get a point for each correct pick, if you hit the Top 5 perfectly, I'll throw another 10 bonus points your way making this week's bonus points worth up to 15!

Best of Luck to Everybody! If you have any questions, PM me with any questions you might have!


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Aug 25, 2016
Stage 1: Awesome Bill's Boy
Stage 2: Martin Truex Jr
Winner: Kyle Busch
Top Five: 18, 9, 19, 4, 10
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Jan 4, 2018
S1: Alex Bowman
S2: Jimmie Johnson
W: Martin Truex Jr.

1. Martin Truex Jr.
2. Kyle Busch
3. Chase Elliott
4. Ryan Blaney
5. Alex Bowman
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