OFFICIAL Zoom A/C Trans-Am O2-U2 Series Thread (The NEW One)

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Dec 11, 2020
Fun racing fellas!! Sorry to beat ya up in the replay review tonight @C5Volzfan John! You had 4 or 5 races worth coming your way! :openedeyewink: @garrett1127 Tom, beware, you're next! Just need ya to make a damn mistake once in a while!! `35`
Great night of fun! Don't worry about me, I have thick skin.....and it gets even thicker with a bit of alcohol!

I'll recover and get my "pound of flesh" when the time is right! (And @The_Tigg wrecked me....don't care what you yahoos think!) `6`

Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys! And I hope we didn't chase @angryandgrumpy away. Will, it's not like that every night....we really do some serious racing sometimes!

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