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Apr 14, 2018
Just recently got NR2003, and I have started up an offline series. This is the NCS SimRacing Challenge! This series is posted through YouTube, with each driver and team owner being an active participant through the Discord server.


In Season 1, the series will run the SNG NPS17 mod. Each car is the generic manufacture, with different decals representing Audi, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Toyota. Ford was an option but was not selected by any team owners. For Season 2, the series will switch to the MENCS19 mod.

There are 22 drivers across 8 teams. There are a total of 42 slots for the series, and the remaining slots will be open for Season 2.

For Season 1, the NCS SimRacing Challenge will run a 16 race schedule.
Each race will premiere on YouTube at 1 PM EST on Sunday. This is the link to my channel for those who will like to subscribe and watch races live.

The points standings will be a full season points system, no Chase or Playoffs.
1st will get 30 points, 2nd gets 25, 3rd gets 23, 4th gets 21, 5th gets 19, 6th gets 17, and then it decreases in one-point increments from there. 22nd (last) gets 1 point.

The first two races have already concluded.
The Daytona 500 was a thriller, start to finish. Cars sliding around, close pack racing, some wrecks here and there. Ian McDaniel passed Aris Yuiko, who led the most laps, with 2 laps to go and the 26 went on to take the win. Here is the Daytona 500 for this who’d like to watch!

Race two, at Auto Club, started the first of three races in California. A restart with 9 to go allowed for a thrilling battle between Josh Moore and Alexander Rowe, and Moore bested Rowe by 0.061 at the line. Highly recommend watching the race!

Here is the current results layout:
And here are the current points standings:

I will be posting here each Tuesday, to place the link of the race, recaps, as well as gi ve the points standings and results, as to not spoil for anyone who has not watched. The next race, Riverside, is tomorrow!


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Apr 14, 2018
Race 3, The California 300 at Riverside International Speedway, sure to be a fun race! Aarwin Basic claimed his second straight pole, and we went 30 laps around this wonderful road course.

It was the Christopher Marnell show all race, but a late race strategy call changed things up. As we went caution free the entire event, pit stop strategy played a massive role. The whole field pitted between lap 13 and 15, but some teams opted for a two stop strategy. Marnell was one of them, pitting for a second time with 8 laps to go. This gave the lead to Andrew Fronsee, who went on to coast to victory, running out of fuel in the final corner to take the win.
Here are the official results:
1Andrew Fronsee
2Collin Scarborough
3Henry Guo
4Sean McKean
5Logan Williams
6Christopher Marnell
7Ian McDaniel
8Axel Rocha
9The Cooler Sam
10Aarwin Basic
11Garrett Lamar
12Aaron Hunter
13Josh Moore
14Alexander Rowe
15Harry Williams
16Ricardo Garcia
17Vincent Crook
18Aris Yuiko
19Josh Harrison
20Norris Andrews
21Michael Guthrie
22Nick Roten
With the third race set and done, we now have a tie atop the points standings. Sean McKean and Henry Guo lead the 22 car standings.

Next week, the NCS SimRacing Challenge heads to Irwindale! We hope you tune in, Sunday at 1 PM EST.


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Apr 14, 2018
For the 4th race of the season, we went to Irwindale! This 0.5 mile bullring hosted the third and final race of our “California Swing”, and who doesn’t love some good short track racing? 100 laps for the Lucas Oil 400!

Michael Guthrie started on the pole, and seemed to be the class of the field with Henry Guo behind him. A spin into the barrels by Collin Scarborough brought our first caution on lap 1. Guthrie had led all of the first 34 laps, but lapped cars in front of him tangled, leaving Guthrie, Guo, and other fast cars involved. This meant Christopher Marnell took the lead, hoping to redeem himself after last week. Another caution led to a split strategy once again, as Harry Williams took the lead on lap 45 and never looked back.
1Harry Williams
2Garrett Lamar
3Christopher Marnell
4Aaron Hunter
5Andrew Fronsee
6Nick Roten
7The Cooler Sam
8Aris Yuiko
9Logan Williams
10Axel Rocha -1L
11Ricardo Garcia -1L
12Aarwin Basic-1L
13Sean McKean-1L
14Ian McDaniel-2L
15Josh Harrison-3L
16Michael GuthrieAccident
17Henry GuoAccident
18Vincent Crook Accident
19Alexander Rowe Accident
20Josh MooreAccident
21Norris Andrews Accident
22Collin Scarborough Accident
The points lead, which was tied coming into the race, is now held by Garrett Lamar, helped by his second place finish. 9025A288-45F3-471F-81DE-FF7C38316BD7.jpeg

Be sure to tune in next week! It’ll be the Denver Health 350 at Pikes Peak!


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Apr 14, 2018
Race 5 was at Pikes Peak! The NCS SimRacing Challenge went to the Mile High for the Denver Health 350. A short 50 lap race, with Sean McKean on the pole!

It was a double file start that saw Sean McKean lead the field down into turn 1. An early caution on Lap 2 saw points leader Garrett Lamar take a spin. Another big wreck, involving Nick Roten, Logan Williams, Collin Scarborough, and others, Lamar was caught up again and out of the race for good. Sean McKean led race-high 26 laps, but not without some troubles. Alexander Rowe played the strategy game, and Aris Yuiko also battled hard with the 46 car. But, it was the pole sitter McKean who took the win at PPIR.

1Sean McKean
2Aris Yuiko
3Michael Guthrie
4Norris Andrews
5Alexander Rowe
6Henry Guo
7Aarwin Basic
8Aaron Hunter
9Christopher Marnell
10Axel Rocha-1L
11Josh Moore-1L
12The Cooler Sam-1L
13Andrew Fronsee-1L
14Ian McDaniel -1L
15Harry Williams-1L
16Ricardo Garcia -1L
17Vincent Crook -2L
18Garrett LamarAccident
19Collin Scarborough Accident
20Nick RotenAccident
21Josh HarrisonAccident
22Logan WilliamsAccident
Sean McKean takes the points lead, heading into next week’s race - COTA! We’ll see you then! Sunday, 1PM EST

For those who are interested, you can follow NCS SimRacing Challenge on Instagram

and if you’d like to join, here’s the discord link! This is where you can sign up for S2, as well as see the reactions of the drivers and owners themselves.


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Apr 14, 2018
Race 6 of the NCS SimRacing Challenge was at COTA! The long, technical, 3.4 mile course played host to the 6th event of the season. Ian McDaniel snagged the pole, and it was sure to be a good one. 29 laps around the track!

In a race that fuel strategy determined the leaders, it was a great one. The first 10 laps went caution free, until Alexander Rowe got turned around during the pit cycle. Axel Rocha inherited the lead after not putting, and kept it as all drivers pitted under caution. In a race where rivalries were born and tempers flared, the action came with the final restart, as all drivers but two pitted the next lap. As Aarwin Basic and Sean McKean stayed out, they nearly perfected the cinderella run...until having to pit with two to go. Nick Roten inherited the lead, but Collin Scarborough charged from 5th to the front, moved Roten on the final lap, and Scarborough went on to take the victory.
1Collin Scarborough
2Michael Guthrie
3Nick Roten
4Aarwin Basic
5Sean McKean
6Christopher Marnell
7Axel Rocha
8Henry Guo
9Andrew Fronsee
10Alexander Rowe
11Ricardo Garcia
12Aaron Hunter
13The Cooler Sam
14Vincent Crook
15Josh Moore
16Garrett Lamar-1L
17Norris Andrews-1L
18Harry Williams-2L
19Aris YuikoGearbox
20Ian McDanielEngine
21Logan WilliamsAccident
22Josh HarrisonAccident
Sean McKean retained the points lead after his dangerous strategy netted him a 5th place finish.
Top 5 in points: McKean (117 pts), Guo (96 pts), Rowe (87 pts), Fronsee (84 pts), Yuiko/Marnell (tied with 83 pts)

Next week: It’s The Bermuda Triangle, the 6-turn superspeedway!


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Apr 14, 2018
After a thrilling race at Bermuda (don’t know why that part of the thread didn’t post...oops!) which led to a photo finish, it’s time for our 3 race Tennessee Swing! First stop: Nashville Fairgrounds!
Here is Bermuda, if anyone wants to watch!

And here is Nashville Fairgrounds, the Kroger 400!

With Chrysus Racing Team teammates Norris Andrews and Ricardo Garcia sharing the front row, it was bound to be a fun one! Andrews just lost a photo finish last weekend, and Garcia dropped to last in points, so both needed a good race. Garcia took the lead as the green flag dropped, and never looked back. It was a wild wreckfest, with a record 8 caution periods during the 100 lap race. One memorable wreck, where rivals Ian McDaniel and Garrett Lamar tangled on the frontstretch, caused both drivers to be enraged at one another over the radio. But it was the Garcia Show out front, leading all 100 laps en route to victory.
1Ricardo Garcia
2Logan Williams
3Christopher Marnell
4Ian McDaniel
5Collin Scarborough
6Alexander Rowe
7Harry Williams
8Henry Guo
9Sean McKean
10Aris Yuiko-1L
11The Cooler Sam-1L
12Axel Rocha-9L
13Vincent CrookEngine
14Michael GuthrieAccident
15Garrett LamarAccident
16Andrew FronseeAccident
17Aaron HunterAccident
18Aarwin BasicAccident
19Norris AndrewsAccident
20Josh HarrisonValve
21Nick RotenAccident
22Josh MooreAccident

Sean McKean kept his points lead strong over the DAF Racing teammates of Rowe and Guo.
Top 5: McKean (141 pts), Rowe (123 pts), Guo (120 pts), Yuiko/Marnell (108 pts each)

Next week: It’s Bristol Baby! We hope to see you there! Race premieres at 1 PM EST!!


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Apr 14, 2018
After a wreckfest of a race at Nashville Fairgrounds, it was time for the second part of our Tennessee Swing - Bristol! The Bass Pro Shops Night Race, with Bones Motorsports teammates Ian McDaniel and Collin Scarborough on the front row.

It was a good clean start, but Ian McDaniel and Collin Scarborough stayed side-by-side for the first few laps, creating some intense racing. It was The Cooler Sam who eventually got around both of them, and took the lead at lap 15. During green flag pit stops on lap 82, Sean McKean entered the track at the wrong time, and caused a multi car incident, parking him and Basic from the race. There were some other incidents, including Marnell dumping Crook, Harry Williams dumping Lamar, and Garcia dumping Henry Guo, which caused a multi car pileup and heated tempers after the race. When it was all said and done, The Cooler Sam led 110 of 125 laps to win at Bristol.
Here are the finishing results
1The Cooler Sam
2Ian McDaniel
3Norris Andrews
4Collin Scarborough
5Ricardo Garcia
6Andrew Fronsee
7Josh Moore
8Harry Williams
9Alexander Rowe
10Aaron Hunter
11Aris Yuiko
12Vincent Crook
13Axel Rocha-1L
14Garrett Lamar-1L
15Michael Guthrie-2L
16Christopher MarnellAccident
17Henry GuoAccident
18Logan WilliamsAccident
19Josh HarrisonAccident
20Sean McKeanParked
21Aarwin BasicAccident
22Nick RotenEngine
Sean McKean, even with a rough day, still kept his points lead over Alexander Rowe.
Top 5: McKean (144 pts), Rowe (137 pts), Guo (126 pts), Andrews (123 pts), Yuiko (120 pts)

Next week, it’s Nashville Superspeedway! It’ll be the Sam Bass 400, hope to see you there, Sunday at 1 PM EST!


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Apr 14, 2018
This week, we went to Nashville Superspeedway for the Sam Bass 400! 75 laps around the 1.3 mile track.

It was Josh Moore and Aris Yuiko who shared the front row, and it was sure to be a good one! Aris Yuiko took the lead on lap 3, and Alexander Rowe, who was battling to take the points lead, took 1st on lap 12 before the caution came out for Nick Roten blowing an engine, with Christopher Marnell and Aarwin Basic being involved as well. When we restarted, Alexander Rowe and Logan Williams battled before the 58 took the lead at lap 30. Lap 45 saw green flag pit stops, with Sean McKean having a mishap and sliding through the grass to lose valuable positions. Aris Yuiko inherited the lead, and 3, sometimes 4-wide battles for the lead ensued. Yuiko held on for the victory though, and won his first race of the season.
1Aris Yuiko
2Aaron Hunter
3Logan Williams
4Alexander Rowe
5Garrett Lamar
6The Cooler Sam
7Josh Moore
8Michael Guthrie
9Henry Guo
10Sean McKean
11Norris Andrews
12Axel Rocha
13Ian McDaniel
14Josh Harrison
15Ricardo Garcia
16Harry Williams
17Vincent Crook
18Andrew Fronsee
19Christopher Marnell
20Aarwin Basic
21Collin Scarborough Piston
22Nick RotenAccident
Alexander Rowe took the points lead from Sean McKean, marking the first points change since Race 5.
Top 5 in points: Rowe (158 pts), McKean (157 pts), Yuiko (150 pts), Guo/Hunter (tied at 140 pts)
Next week, we go to Watkins Glen for the Backstretch Report 350! Hope to see you there in what is going to be a thrilling race!


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Apr 14, 2018
We travel to Upstate New York for the Backstretch Report 350 at Watkins Glen! 23 laps around this beautiful road course, and was sure to be a good one. Ian McDaniel on the pole, ready to race around for race 11 of 16.

Ian McDaniel on the pole, Axel Rocha alongside him, we were off and away for the 11th race of the season! But as the cars were exiting turn 1, a hard incident that involved Garrett Lamar and Harry Williams that took both drivers out of the race. Lamar was shaken up but okay after the wreck. Pit strategy was afoot today, as drivers opted to take 2 tires instead of 4 under caution, putting new faces out front. This put Nick Roten out front, who led until lap 10 when McDaniel took the lead back. Norris Andrews and Aris Yuiko tangled off the final corner to bring out a caution on lap 11, and Roten regained the lead from put strategy. A spin on the restart brought the caution out again on lap 14, and it was McDaniel and Rowe who battled after the restart. Rowe held the lead until Andrew Fronsee got a huge run and took the lead away, and the 85 led from lap 20 onward to become the first 2-time winner this season.

1Andrew Fronsee
2Ian McDaniel
3Aarwin Basic
4Alexander Rowe
5Christopher Marnell
6Logan Williams
7Collin Scarborough
8The Cooler Sam
9Axel Rocha
10Aaron Hunter
11Henry Guo
12Ricardo Garcia
13Josh Harrison
14Nick Roten
15Vincent Crook
16Sean McKean
17Michael Guthrie
18Aris YuikoAccident
19Norris AndrewsAccident
20Harry WilliamsAccident
21Josh MooreAccident
22Garrett LamarAccident
Alexander Rowe keeps his points lead!
Top 5 in points: Rowe (179 pts), McKean (164 pts), Yuiko (155 pts), McDaniel (154 pts), Hunter (153 pts)

Next week it’s Atlanta Motor Speedway!! Sure to be a fun one there!


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Apr 14, 2018
We travel to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the 12th race of our 16 race season! Harry Williams started on the pole with last weeks winner, Andrew Fronsee starting alongside him. 82 laps around the 1.5 mile track!


Hotlanta is known for its awesome racing and tight battles, and today was no different! For the first few laps, we were three wide aplenty from first through last. The lead traded between Garrett Lamar, The Cooler Sam, and Alexander Rowe until Aaron Hunter took the lead for good on lap 22. Green flag pit stops happened on lap 29, and as they all cycled out, Henry Guo took the top position. Guo held the lead through the next pit cycle on lap 58, and was under heavy pressure from the 54 and 3. Josh Moore took the lead away from Guo on lap 71, before lap traffic bottled him up to allow Alexander Rowe to get the lead on lap 75, before Norris Andrews bottled up Rowe for Guo to put the 47 back out front with 3 to go! Henry Guo cruised to his first victory of the season, and the first victory for the DAF Racing team.

1 Henry Guo
2 Alexander Rowe
3 Aaron Hunter
4 Josh Moore
5 Garrett Lamar
6 Sean McKean
7 Christopher Marnell
8 Logan Williams
9 The Cooler Sam
10 Nick Roten
11 Josh Harrison
12 Aris Yuiko
13 Michael Guthrie
14 Axel Rocha
15 Aarwin Basic
16 Ian McDaniel
17 Ricardo Garcia
18 Collin Scarborough
19 Vincent Crook
20 Harry Williams
21 Norris Andrews (-1L)
22 Andrew Fronsee (-1L)
Alexander Rowe extends his points lead over teammate Henry Guo.
Top 5 in points: Rowe (204 pts), Guo (182 pts), McKean (181 pts), Hunter (176 pts), Yuiko (166 pts)

Next week: The Darlington Throwback Race!!


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Apr 14, 2018
The Darlington Southern 500 will be the first throwback weekend in the NCS SimRacing Challenge. Here is a list of all the throwback tributes running this weekend!

Christopher Marnell: paying homage to the 30th Anniversary to Suburban Base Records.
CarView 2_3_2021 8_43_13 PM.png

Ricardo Garcia: paying homage to the 2013 Corvette LeMans winner
CarView 2_3_2021 8_38_02 PM.png

Josh Harrison: throwback to Dale Jr's 2000 scheme, in which he won his first race with
CarView 2_3_2021 8_38_12 PM.png

Norris Andrews:Tony Stewart's Old Spice NNS throwback
CarView 2_3_2021 8_38_33 PM.png

Collin Scarborough: paying homage to the 2013 Rolex 24 Chip Ganassi Racing BMW Daytona Prototype
CarView 2_3_2021 8_38_52 PM.png

Ian McDaniel: taking creative liberty based off the 2017 Austin Cindric scheme which raced at CTMP
CarView 2_3_2021 8_39_08 PM.png

Garrett Lamar: throwback to Jon Gooding's 1996 Trans-Am car
CarView 2_3_2021 8_43_35 PM.png

Michael Guthrie: throwback to Clint Bowyer's Cheerios scheme
CarView 2_3_2021 8_39_26 PM.png

Aaron Hunter: paying homage to Glen Barnett
CarView 2_3_2021 8_39_44 PM.png

Alexander Rowe: throwback to Rusty Wallace
CarView 2_3_2021 8_40_10 PM.png

Sean McKean: throwback to the 2002 bike of Valentino Rossi
CarView 2_3_2021 8_43_51 PM.png

Henry Guo: throwback to Kyle Busch's NOS NASCAR Nationwide Series from 2009
CarView 2_3_2021 8_40_28 PM.png

Aris Yuiko: throwback to himselfCarView 2_3_2021 8_40_46 PM.png

Logan Williams: throwback to Matt Kenseth's rookie season
CarView 2_3_2021 8_41_04 PM.png

Axel Rocha: throwback to the first Red Bull NASCAR scheme
CarView 1_21_2021 7_04_25 PM.png

Andrew Fronsee: throwback to the first Red Bull NASCAR scheme
CarView 1_21_2021 7_05_47 PM.png

The Cooler Sam: throwback to Christie, 5-time Hot Rod World Champion
CarView 2_3_2021 8_41_36 PM.png

Harry Williams: throwback to Will Hoy, 1991 British Touring Car World Champion
CarView 2_3_2021 8_42_11 PM.png

The 0, 00, 3, and 45 opted not to run throwbacks.


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Apr 14, 2018
This week was the throwback race for the NCS SimRacing Challenge, the Southern 500 at Darlington! Henry Guo, last week's winner, took the pole for the 13th event of the 16 race season!

Watch the race here!

Henry Guo took the lead early, but then Aris Yuiko snached it away on lap 2. A big incident on lap 3 sent The Cooler Sam upside down, involving 10 drivers. Nobody retired from the race, and we saw Rowe take the lead under caution during pit stops. Another caution on lap 12, involving Basic and Yuiko, brought out another caution. We barely saw any green flag racing before Alexander Rowe was turned around and taken out in the back of the pack, along with Logan Williams. We saw a restart on lap 21, with Guo in the lead, before giving it up to Nick Roten. Yet another incident on lap 33 brought out the yellow, taking out Aaron Hunter, and another yellow on lap 39 took out Axel Rocha. The rest of the race we went caution free, as Nick Roten and Norris Andrews traded the top spots before Andrews took it under green flag pit stops. Norris Andrews led 33 laps in total to win this season's Southern 500.
1Norris Andrews
2Josh Harrison
3Ricardo Garcia
4Sean McKean
5Collin Scarborough
6Aris Yuiko
7Josh Moore
8Henry Guo
9Nick Roten
10Vincent Crook
11Aarwin Basic
12Christopher Marnell-1L
13Ian McDaniel-1L
14Garrett Lamar-2L
15The Cooler Sam-3L
16Andrew Fronsee -3L
17Harry Williams-4L
18Axel Rocha Accident
19Aaron HunterAccident
20Michael GuthrieEngine
21Logan WilliamsAccident
22Alexander RoweAccident
Rowe keeps his points lead, over Sean McKean by a narrow margin.
Top 5 in points: Rowe (205 pts), McKean (202 pts), Guo (197 pts), Yuiko (183 pts), Hunter (180 pts)

Next week: it's Talladega! We'll see you there!
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Apr 14, 2018
It was Race 14 of 16, the Geico 500 at Talladega Superspeedway! The first season of the NCS SimRacing Challenge is winding down, and Henry Guo has the pole for what was going to be a wild race!

Watch the race here!

Aaron Hunter jumped out to the lead early, before THE BIG ONE struck! A huge incident involving The Cooler Sam, Axel Rocha, Garrett Lamar, points leader Alexander Rowe, and many more. As we restarted on lap 10, Michael Guthrie took the lead for a short while, before the top spot was rotated amongst drivers. Garrett Lamar, a lapped car, showed to be the slowest car on track and held up the leaders quite a few times. The leaders all pitted on lap 28, except for one driver - last week’s winner, Norris Andrews, who pitted under the caution period. Andrews stayed out until lap 36, finally coming down to pit. As the top pack caught Andrews, there was another rotating cast for the top spot. Andrews, Basic, H Williams, Harrison all fought up front as the laps ticked down. But on the final lap, Harry Williams pulled away from the pack and took the checkered flag for his second victory of the season! Harry Williams’ second win wasn’t enough to keep him alive in points, and he was mathematically eliminated.

1 Harry Williams
2 Aarwin Basic
3 Norris Andrews
4 Logan Williams
5 Josh Moore
6 Josh Harrison
7 Vincent Crook
8 Sean McKean
9 Andrew Fronsee
10 Michael Guthrie
11 Collin Scarborough
12 Nick Roten
13 Axel Rocha
14 Henry Guo
15 Christopher Marnell
16 Ricardo Garcia (-1L)
17 Aris Yuiko (Engine)
18 Garrett Lamar (-3L)
19 Alexander Rowe (Accident)
20 Ian McDaniel (Accident)
21 Aaron Hunter (Accident)
22 The Cooler Sam (Accident)

Sean McKean took advantage of Rowe’s accident and retook the championship lead with 2 races left!
Top 5 in points: McKean (217pts), Rowe (209pts), Guo (206pts), Andrews (194pts), Yuiko (189pts)

Next week: We’re at Gateway!


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Apr 14, 2018
Race 15 of 16, the 2nd to last race in Season 1 of the NCS SimRacing Challenge! Josh Moore was ready to lead the field to green at Gateway for the WWT 500.


It was only a few laps until our first caution, a big accident with Sean McKean! Up and over he went, sliding on his roof down the front straight on lap 3. The green flag waved again, but Sean McKean was spun off turn 4 on lap 10 to bring out the caution again. When racing resumed, Josh Moore led with Rowe and Yuiko right on his tail. Josh Moore was held up by Ian McDaniel... and turned him around on the front straight! The 3 lost the lead and brought out the third caution in the process. We were green flag racing from there on, Alexander Rowe and Christopher Marnell swapped the lead, green flag pit stops happened on lap 69, with Rowe and Marnell 1-2. Suddenly, Marnell and Rowe pitted from the lead! Poor strategy calls by the 37 and 02 led to them pitting from the top two spots with 10 to go. This gave the lead to Aaron Hunter, who led from there onwards to take the win.

1 - Aaron Hunter
2 - Garrett Lamar
3 - Josh Moore
4 - Aris Yuiko
5 - Henry Guo
6 - Axel Rocha
7 - Michael Guthrie
8 - Norris Andrews
9 - The Cooler Sam
10 - Collin Scarborough
11 - Logan Williams
12 - Christopher Marnell
13 - Alexander Rowe
14 - Harry Williams (-1L)
15 - Josh Harrison (-1L)
16 - Ricardo Garcia (-1L)
17 - Andrew Fronsee (-2L)
18 - Aarwin Basic (-2L)
19 - Sean McKean (-3L)
20 - Ian McDaniel (Accident)
21 - Vincent Crook (Engine)
22 - Nick Roten (Accident)

There will be 7 drivers able to fight for the championship next week!
Guo, McKean (-4pts), Rowe (-6pts), Hunter (-13pts), Yuiko (-15pts), Andrews (-16pts), Moore (-20pts)

We’ll see you next week for the Championship Finale: The Pennzoil 400 at Las Vegas!
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Apr 14, 2018
It’s the final race of Season 1 for the NCS SimRacing Challenge, the Pennzoil 400! Christopher Marnell was ready to lead the field to green at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for 67 laps around the wonderful 1.5 mile track.

Watch the race here!

We were clean for only a few laps until a BIG incident in turn four, caused by Garrett Lamar, took out championship contender Alexander Rowe, among others! Rowe, Fronsee, Lamar, Garcia all took damage during the accident. From there on, it was smooth sailing for the other championship contenders. Norris Andrews, Henry Guo, and Aaron Hunter all saw the lead during this green flag run. Lap traffic played a major factor! Garrett Lamar, slow on the track, nearly caused an incident with Henry Guo. But later, he ended up taking out leader Michael Guthrie, causing the second caution of the day. We got back under free flag racing, with McKean and Hunter trading the lead position back and forth. Further back in the pack, Nick Roten and Michael Guthrie tangled, and brought out the third caution of today as they collected Marnell with them. On lap 50 of 67, we were back underway! Battles for the lead aplenty, as Guo took it, then Roten, then Harrison. But it was a last lap pass for Nick Roten, who stole the victory to win his second race of the year! With his second place finish, Henry Guo was able to seal the deal and capture the NCS SimRacing Challenge Season 1 Championship!

1 Nick Roten
2 Henry Guo
3 Josh Harrison
4 Harry Williams
5 Aris Yuiko
6 Sean McKean
7 Logan Williams
8 Aaron Hunter
9 The Cooler Sam
10 Collin Scarborough
11 Aarwin Basic
12 Axel Rocha
13 Norris Andrews
14 Vincent Crook
15 Josh Moore (-1L)
16 Michael Guthrie (-1L)
17 Ian McDaniel (-1L)
18 Andrew Fronsee (-1L)
19 Garrett Lamar (-5L)
20 Christopher Marnell (Accident)
21 Ricardo Garcia (Accident)
22 Alexander Rowe (Accident)

Here are the final standings for this season:

1 - Henry Guo (250pts)
2 - Sean McKean (238pts)
3 - Aris Yuiko (229pts)
4 - Aaron Hunter (227pts)
5 - Alexander Rowe (220pts)
6 - Norris Andrews (219pts)
7 - Josh Moore (213pts)
8 - Collin Scarborough (197pts)
9 - Logan Williams (197pts)
10 - The Cooler Sam (193pts)
11 - Christopher Marnell (187pts)
T12 - Andrew Fronsee (184pts)
T12 - Harry Williams (184pts)
T12 - Garrett Lamar (184pts)
T12 - Josh Harrison (184pts)
T16 - Ian McDaniel (183pts)
T16 - Aarwin Basic (183pts)
18 - Michael Guthrie (182pts)
T19 - Nick Roten (181pts)
T19 - Axel Rocha (181pts)
21 - Ricardo Garcia (168pts)
22 - Vincent Crook (142pts)

Here are the official team standings for Season 1!

Chrysus Racing Team - 90pts (1 WIN)
Bones Motorsports - 81 (3 WINS)
Gatorade Slurping Lads - 80pts (1 WIN)
DAF Racing - 76pts (1 WIN)
Astolfo Motorsports - 75pts (1 WIN)
Mudfish Motorsports - 67pts (2 WINS)
Aizo Racing Team - 58pts (3 WINS)
Tilden Motorsports - 48pts (2 WINS)

Thanks everyone for the great season! We will see you soon for the signups information video


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Apr 14, 2018
Introducing the second season of NCS Racing! We return with the top series, the NCS SimRacing Challenge, and adding a second lower series, the NCS Truck Division!

The NCS SimRacing Challenge goes from 22 full time drivers to 40, and the season expands from 16 races to 25. Racing on the MENCS19 mod, these 40 drivers take on the challenge of being in the top division of NCS Racing, being the faces of the series.
Here is the Season 2 driver-team chart:
Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 8.06.23 PM.png

Some notable offseason changes:
- S1 championship contender Sean McKean leaves Bones Motorsports to go to DAF Racing, who has expanded from 2 to 4 cars
- Mudfish Motorsports switches from Dodge to Toyota, expands from 3 to 4 cars, and Bang Energy will sponsor all 4 cars
- Michael Guthrie moves from Astolfo Motorsports to Chrysus Racing Team
- Sam Francis moves from Aizo Racing Team to Astolfo Motorsports
- Tilden Motorsports switches from Audi to Mercedes engines
- Astolfo Motorsports moves to Ford from Toyota, re-numbers the 33 to 52, and opens a fourth car, the 51.
- Bones Motorsports re-numbers their cars, switching the 23 to 2 and 46 to 22, respectively
- Chrysus Racing Team re-numbers their cars, switching the 02 to 23 and 03 to 33, respectively
- Aizo Racing team expands from 2 to 3 cars

The NCS Truck Division, racing on the CWS15 mod, brings 30 full time drivers racing 15 races! This series is a chance for drivers to prove themselves and work their way into the NCS SimRacing Challenge.
Here is the Season 1 full time driver-team chart:
Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 8.15.50 PM.png

Some notable offseason moves:
- McKean Motorsports, run by Sean McKean, partners with DAF Racing to be the developmental team for DAF
- Logan Williams signs to DAF/McKean on a developmental driver contract
- CRT re-signs and moves Ricardo Garcia to NTD
- Norris Andrews was dropped by CRT but signed by CRT driver Garrett Lamar, for his team Ginger Racing Team
- Joshua Harrison starts his own NTD team, having 3 full-time drivers
- Bones Motorsports starts a 4-entry NTD team

In NTD, Cup drivers are able to race in up to 4 NTD races per season. They receive no points and some drivers will be seen driving in select rides throughout the season.

21 of the 22 drivers from S1 found a ride in either the NCS SimRacing Challenge or the NCS Truck Division, with only one driver exiting the series.

NCS SimRacing Challenge Schedule:
Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 8.24.26 PM.png
NCS Truck Division Schedule:
Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 8.24.38 PM.png

The schedule see's 11 dual-series weekend's with both series in action at the same track, with 4 standalone NTD races. NSC races will be run on Sunday's at 1pm EST, NTD races will be run on Wednesday's at 6pm EST.

The NCS Truck Division season kicks off with the Coca Cola 250, coming tomorrow! Be sure to watch it here!

The NCS SimRacing Challenge starts their season with the AutoNation Duels to set the field on Friday at 6pm EST!

And then finally, the big day! The NSC Daytona 500, Sunday, 1pm EST!

Can't wait for the exciting season!

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