NASCAR Racing 4 Full Carset

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Sep 10, 2019
Recently downloaded NASCAR Racing 4. Love the game already, however I've noticed several full time drivers that ran in the 2001 season are not included, such as the #7 Ultra Motorsports Ford, Bill Elliott's #9, Brett Bodine's #11, Casey Atwood's #19, Sterling Marlin's #40, Robert Pressley's #77 and Stacy Compton's #92.
I've done some searching to find these cars but have come up empty. Is there any chance someone has a full 2001 Car Set/a place where I can find one?
Of course I'm willing to spend the time making the missing schemes, but it would be preferable if there's a carset. Thanks :>
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Jul 31, 2016
This is what I have for 2001


  • 2001 Winston Cup Cars.7z
    27.9 MB · Views: 22
  • 2001 Winston Cup SE Cars.7z
    8.9 MB · Views: 14
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