Complete MENCS18 Base Request

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Jakub Smetana 48

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Sep 2, 2017
Hi guys, would you be able to do this base for me? Base is quite easy, but that texture under the sponsor is too hard for me to make it.

Sim: NR2003 ONLY
Mod: MENCS18
Car Model: Chevrolet Camaro
Year the base was used: 2018
What Race was it used in: Coca-Cola 600

What is your primary Painting Program: Photoshop CS5

Base Info
NOTE: If this is to be a clone of a real car please post images below the filled out form, NOT Links, images please don't make the painter chase this down for you.

Primary: Color code - #4C4C40 Benjamin Moore Fatigue Green
Secondary: Color code - #AE9B63
Wheel Color: Black



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