Complete MENC19 Base Request

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Cold Pass Member
Jul 20, 2020
Was gonna post in paint request section but I don’t have privileges to post there.

Sim: NR2003 ONLY
Mod: MENCS19
Car Model: Chevy Cup
Year the base was used: 2021
What Race was it used in: fictional based off Xfinity 2021 Martinsville race

What is your primary Painting Program so we know what to save the file as if not a single png layer......most important.

Base Info
Would like a clone of Ryan Ellis wKeen Parts xfinity paint scheme he ramnat Martinsville but on a cup Chevy. Or something similar with a purple cancer ribbon in the base.

Primary: purple
Secondary: lilac or also called pale violet
Wheel Color: purple or black
Other: open to artist interpretation.

Images Below-Please
original scheme:

The purple and lilac logo I’ll be using:

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