Complete Last MENCS19 Camaro Render request

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Cold Pass Member
Sep 29, 2021
So about a week or so ago I made my first paint scheme for NR2003 using a William Byron base for my own Axalta car, and I was very happy with it, until today. I decided to redo the paint scheme just to make it a bit smoother looking, then I wondered what it would look like if I swapped the base color from black to blue, similar to how Jeff Gordon's rainbow warrior paint scheme was and I loved it. So I was wondering if you guys could maybe render this one for me too please. If not that's ok because it is pretty similar to one I already had done. If possible I'd like it in an action scene and/or a 2 car scene. Thanks again y'all, your work has truly blown me away and shows how much I've still got to learn. :)
Credits below
Logos: Google
Numbers: Stunod
Template: Lefty
Base: stEvN


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