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Summit City RD

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Jun 6, 2020
Hello all, I am looking into buying a laptop for Nr2003. I am not a big computer guy, so I want to hear some of your guys suggestions on what laptop that I should buy. Thanks for all your help.


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Dec 3, 2016
Honestly, buying a computer is like buying a car. People tend to have strong opinions but at the end of the day a car is a car. Computers/laptops aren't much different when it comes to brand. But like cars, different models are meant for different purposes and that's where you want to focus.

If you are looking at getting something that will work well with NR2003 you want to make sure whatever computer you buy has a couple features. First, you want to get something that has a decent amount of RAM. A lot of people confuse RAM with memory, but RAM has more to do with processing power. Your basic computer will have anywhere between 4-8 GB of RAM, and higher end will have 8-16 (some have even more). NR2003 is a nearly 20 year old game so you don't need more than 4GB to run it, but as computers get more complex they use up more processing power and that is where more RAM will come in handy, so my suggestion is that you find something with at least 8GB.

Next, and probably more importantly, you want a graphics card. Again, with an old game running standard PC graphics will work, but having a card will greatly improve the game's performance. Again, there are a lot of cards out there, and often you have to buy it separately from the laptop. I have heard that NVIDIA cards have a hard time with NR2003, but other than that it is buyers preference. But if you find a PC you like that does not have a card installed (which is likely), make sure it can be added later. Desktops tend to be easy to add cards and hardware after purchase, but laptops have to be built with a slot for upgrades.

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