How To Throw Out The Yellow In-Car And On Replay Mode

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May 20, 2020
To throw the yellow out on NR2003, put in the papy_ai.ini file this code below the behavior codes:
[ debug ]
tire_wear_calibration_enable = 1
update_mechanical_problems = 1

Then on your autochat, put !yellow for one of them.

The code opens up the chat feature, so when you are on replay mode, open up chat, or use the shortcut by pressing ` on your computer. Then type !yellow and the caution will come out. During the race, if you're in-car, then press the autochat button for the !yellow. If you have any questions please reply to me. Hope this helped.


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Oct 15, 2018
Usually, when I wanna throw a caution when running my mock season (usually to give the advantage to whoever I want to win like in real-life NASCAR), I take control of the unpainted "ghost" car I use to run the races, take it out on the track, and either spin it out or use it as a roadblock to hopefully hit whoever I want out of the race.

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