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Aug 27, 2020
Squishmallow Series (I couldn't think of a good name, so I got my girlfriend to do it):

I've been running a series for the past little while, with help from @ddrap14 and we're looking for more drivers to enter the yearly drafts. We're halfway through the first season, and the calendar is quite short (because school), maybe 16-23 races depending on what people want. We think the next season will start sometime around November 25th. There's 7 teams at the moment, with 9 at the end of next season, and every team has a race roster of at least 6 cars (but they can have many more reserve drivers, and choose which to send to each track). Every team has a team livery, that is shared through each car with minor differences, but the feeder series (where we get all the draft drivers) runs custom liveries for each car (so you probably will still get a custom car if you sign up).

You don't have to do much, once you are drafted by your team you can be traded, and by the end of your contract you can sign with whichever team you want (max of three seasons) unless your team uses the protection clause to retain you automatically, which is not a guarantee since each team is limited to 3 protections. WHAT YOU HAVE ESSENTIALLY, is the NFL... But with cars! The cars are also a little wild, meant to bridge the gap between F1 and Nascar. Some of them have massive intakes, front wings, air channels, Ford GT Style buttresses, etc... Whatever a team requests on their car, I'mma have to photoshop it, and its going to happen.

This is getting a little long, so I'll summarize some of the calendar highlights: Bathurst, Monaco, Big Blue, Rainbow Road, Talladega, Laguna Seca, etc...

All races are broadcast on discord, you can sign up below (using that copy paste form the rules). We use the ICR mod because of the really good templates, and ease of creating car bases (this is where my Miura and Porsche 298 came from).

Driver Name:
Car Number:
Need Car Painted: [ ] (Y or N)
Discord Name and number:
Post Car Flat or Link Below

Season start: Nov 25th, 2020
Flats duedate (if you have one): Nov 20th, 2020




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