1994 ARCA #59 Font

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Mar 8, 2023
Hello fellow Stunoders, so as of the time I Am typing this out I Am currently working on a 1994 ARCA Series Carset, so far I Have 6 completed, and the next one I Am working on I Have a bit of trouble Finding the number.
I Am fairly confident this post may belong more in the Fonts thread, but then again this is a number, so its here instead.

The Number belonged to ARCA Driver "John Wilkinson III", The number is something I've been trying to search for, but to no luck, I Tried several font websites to see if I Can track down the font used for the number, but to no luck. I Don't have much more to say, so I'll just post the image and leave it there
This is the car in question
Any form of feedback is appreciated


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Jan 19, 2022
It might not be exact but one of the fonts in the Clarendon family (maybe Clarendon BT) should get you close.

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