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  1. Stunod

    Hoosier Tire - Mid Atlantic Logo 2019-08-26

  2. Cory Harts

    Changing tire logos?

    Hello everyone! I recently got back into NR2003 and decided that I wanted to start an offline series. One of the things I really want to do with it is I want to have the cars run tires with Michelin logos instead of the typical Goodyear. I can handle making the graphics for the tires if I could...
  3. Smoker

    Staff Only Fully modeled Tire 1940s (.3ds) 1.0

    Fully modeled 1940's tire as .3ds. Outside with further profiles (here white part), inside more simple without side profiles (here black) for your modeling software, adjustable after your needs. (modeled after images - no guaranty for correctness - only for 3d software, it's not ingame!).
  4. Stunod

    American Tires Logo 2016-08-01

    Here is a fully layered psd American Tire Logo with transparent background.