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  1. M

    Sh1fty #42 Fanta (Orange). (Fictional) 1.0

    My custom car for NR2003/MENCS19 Mod. Credits: Mod: MENCS19 Template: Lefty Number: BER Logos: Google
  2. NCD Designs

    Creamsicle Number Set 1.0

    Please give credit with a link to my Stunod profile or @ my twitter account (@NCD_Designs) if you use my resources for public display. Such as posting a paint scheme that includes one of my resources to social media.
  3. FrenchieTO

    Vintage Colour Schemes

    Since I'm a rather recent and more casual NASCAR fan, I assume that my knowledge of some of the historical or vintage rides is probably more limited than most people here. In the spirit of all those great Darlington Vintage schemes that keep coming out these days, I wanted to have some fun...
  4. DixonGraFX

    Daytona 2021 Erik Jones #43 Armor All 1.01

    For my first ever full scheme recreation, I chose to do Erik Jones' number 43 Armor All car that he is running in this year's Daytona 500 Please if you download, let me know how I did. Constructive criticism welcome
  5. Stunod

    No. 83 Matt Dibenedetto / 2016 Throwback Orange Crush Soda 2016-12-14

    This is a .psd No. 83 Matt Dibenedetto / 2016 Darlington Throwback Orange Crush Soda.