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  1. JackhammerJT

    Kyleson Superspeedway 2

    As the engines roar and the crowd cheers, Kyleson Superspeedway is a testament to the passion and dedication of NR2003 Offline Simulation leagues like SKICAR. Every time a car hits this iconic track it transforms it into a chaotic race where the AI and the Players have to be strategic, creating...
  2. Angus

    [1995] 1995-2021 | Online Co-Op Career

    Me (Connor MacLeod) and my friend (Barren Guest) have been doing a basic career mode for most of the year so far, so I think it'd be interesting to post the results. We race very often, multiple times a week. We're currently almost a third-ways through 2002, so I'll give a quick synopsis: 2000...
  3. CAkin24

    SMO Gaming Simulations - Josh's Eggs Touring Series Season 5 Starts Monday 10/30!

    SMO Gaming Simulations, in conjunction with Josh's Eggs and its new logo, is proud to announce that the Josh's Eggs Touring Series (JETS) returns for Season 5 on Monday, October 30th. The racing on these seldom raced and unique tracks has been incredible over the past three seasons. Seasons 3...
  4. Stunod

    We would like to invite everyone to check-out our latest addition to the Stunod Racing Family. was made as an alternative option to help support the site. There are a few but not all items are available to ship world wide. We are currently serving the US and Canada mainly. Please...