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  1. Angus

    NRCAR - Shorties & Superspeedways

    We change mods every season or two, have seven races per season, a three-race chase, and race Wednesdays or Fridays at 8 PM EST. Our choice of tracks is picked to give people without Force Feedback a fighting chance. Right now we have 36 members. "Stunod Racing...
  2. Angus

    Help doing an online 'server.'

    Me and my friend have tried several times to race online with each other. The dilemma I'm having begins with Hamachi having poor connection, (our specs are not the problem), and I cannot find another service that works. With Hamachi, whoever creates server will remain seldomly stable while the...
  3. gone-sovereign

    Apex Racing Sportsman Series

    The Apex Racing Sportsman Series is a hybrid online/offline league run using the racing simulator NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. This league exists on a floating timeline concurrent with the TM Master Cup Series canon universe, wherein NASCAR does not exist. The premise is that this is a Sportsman...
  4. Roaddog

    NARL Online - Season 5

    Here's a few screenshots of NARL's season opener at Daytona FTF 2017. I led a few laps, but then later in the race I got involved in a wreck and landed a sweet 26th place finish with a blown motor. Still, it was really fun. It was also a blast doing some tandem drafting with my teammate, who's...
  5. ZiggyM

    Delta Sim Cup

    Events GN69ST by Denis Rioux Schedule - Sundays 02/19/23 - Daytona_GN70 02/26/23 - Ontario_WC71 03/05/23 - NCMS_GN70 (Rockingham) 03/12/23 - Phoenix_1970 03/19/23 - Atlanta_1970 03/26/23 - Riverside GN WKC 04/02/23 - richmond_fair_j9 04/09/23 - Bristol_GN70 04/16/23 - Martinsville_GN70...