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  1. Petizo22

    Max Gutiérrez Charlotte 2022 Truck 2022-06-01

    Max Gutiérrez Charlotte 2022 Truck Credits: Logos: Google Number: NCRDesings Template: at01
  2. uhhhhmok

    (FICTIONAL) Ryan Preece #17 DGR Terry Cook Powerstroke Diesel Throwback 1

    A remake of Terry Cooks Powerstoke Diesel schemes, Made it on a whim and its not exactly perfect but itll do. Credits to BER for the Numbers, and to google for all the sponsor logos
  3. JDSprinting

    (FICTIONAL) William Byron #24 Liberty University F150 Scheme 1

    Templates: BillA1947 Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: BER/Big Evil Racing A #24 scheme inspired by William Byron's NASCAR Cup Series Liberty University paint scheme.
  4. DavidLivez

    2021 Truck Series Set 1 (CWS2015) 2021-09-24

    I hope you all enjoy! The trucks included are listed below: #2 Sheldon Creed ( #9 Grant Enfinger (Camping World) #16 Austin Hill (United Rentals) #24 Jack Wood (Chevrolet Accessories) #34 Lawless Alan ( #37 Brett Moffitt (Concrete Supply) #45 Bayley Currey...
  5. RuralKadoodle

    NASCAR Amino's Columbia Sportswear Truck Series Carset 1.00

    Hey! My name's Brandon and I made the now defunct Columbia Sportswear Truck Series(fuck) but hey! now you guys can enjoy the madness as well! In this carset you will find all the trucks from every team that ever attempted a race! So, that means you will have about 71 trucks(that includes...
  6. L

    Single NCWTS Render(Blender) 2021-06-03

    For Blender and must use Eevee to render. Will not render in Cycles.
  7. Mopar

    2021 Johnny Sauter #13 Daytona Base 1.2

    Here is my shot at the base on Johnny Sauter's 2021 Daytona Truck. Thank you @dallaire18 for the camo on the bed of the truck. Use it on a CWS15 Toyota. Render by me.
  8. MrFordRaptor

    Drexel supply company #23 v2

    This is my first actual race car, so if anything is wrong, I would like to know. Thanks to: NexusCombat for the number. Cummins07 for the template.
  9. FrenchieTO

    PaintShop Pro7 Compatible Templates (especially CWS2015)

    SO, I'm one of those guys who is still using PSP7. I use it a lot, and for so many different purposes. I LOVE IT. I used some versions of PSD (older) but not enough to become proficient, and can't afford it anyway, and refuse to install pirated versions, like the one I was offered by a friend...
  10. Wjw1888

    2020 David Ragan #17 Ford F-150 Atlanta DNQ 2020-08-04

    The truck that David Ragan was supposed to run at Atlanta this year but was excluded by points. #LETDAVIDRACE Credits: Mod: CWS15 (TeamOm3ga) Template: Bill1947, SkylineCustoms Number: BigEvilRacing Logos: Google, Myself Render: Garrett1127 (StunodRacing)
  11. Highbank

    Fictional #20 GOYA Foods V1.0

    CREDITS Template: Bill1947 Mod: TeamOm3ga Logos: Bing Search to GOYA Foods Number: From Font in PSPX10 Render: garrett1127 No ratings but there is a's fictional with GOYA CEO Robert Unanue at the wheel...BUYCOTT! ENJOY!!! Highbank
  12. JimmieJFan489

    2020 Chase Elliott #24 v1.1

    The Paint Scheme that Chase Elliott Drove at Homestead-Miami this Weekend. (Not 100% Accurate, Still Trying to get used to GIMP) Mod: cws2015 by Om3gA Racing Template: Big Evil Racing Number: Big Evil Racing Logos: Big Evil Racing, Google Grill/Contigencies: Retread
  13. JimmieJFan489

    Spencer Boyd #20 Hairclub 2020 1.0

    *NOTE* This is my first car that I've painted for Nr2003. Its not 100% accurate, but i'll get better as I learn more. Mod- cws2015 by Om3gA Racing Base- Big Evil Racing Number- Big Evil Racing Logos- Google, BER
  14. FwRobbins

    Fictional Henkel truck 2020-03-02

    Base (paint by rah) Template (om3ga)
  15. CodyHGaming

    Chase Briscoe's #27 2018 Ford F-150 (Eldora Dirt Derby) 2018-07-24

    Hey everyone. Here is my attempt at Chase Briscoe's #27 2018 Ford F-150 that he drove for the 2018 Eldora Dirt Derby in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. He won the race in this truck. I created this to attempt to recreate the spectacular finish to this race, and figured I would obviously...