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  1. SprintRacer92

    Gilded Chase Elliott Champions Scheme v1

    Congrats Chase Elliott fans! Enjoy a Scheme to commemorate his championship. Fully Rated on 90-100 with a Painted Pit Crew. Credits: Base: AntiGordo Number: BER Templates: Lefty Logos: Me, Google Renders: Me
  2. azza9oo9

    2020 Busch Clash ini 1.0

    just drop this in your game Daytona folder, make sure to backup your current ini first.
  3. KitsuneAmy

    1999 Rick Mast Crash Bandicoot 1.0

    Here, boys and girls, is my first paint scheme for NR2003. I did the best I could with what I was working with, using three blurry photos as my only reference. This car only ran one race, the 1999 Napa 500 at Atlanta, so I had to use the low resolution television broadcast to help me make this...
  4. Cyrus Reddick

    Rusty Wallace '92 Pontiac Excitement Paint Scheme (Diecast Version) 1.0

    There are so many talented paint scheme painters in the NR2003 community, and the biggest question I struggled with was: what can I add to the community? what can I do that hasn't already been done? This may have been done before, but I've never seen it. This paint scheme is an adaptation of a...
  5. TrainHunter94YT


    First Drafts Of The Cup 2020 Cars On The 2009 Car Of Tomorrow Bodies! THIS IS BOTH THE BETA SCHEMES, AND MY FIRST CARSET! SO SOME OF THESE WILL LOOK BAD! Credits: Mod: COT Template: Number: Google Logo: Google Render: garrett1127
  6. SprintRacer92

    WeLoveLefty #7 V7

    Stay strong Noah, we are with you. Credits: Merc and NextGen Temps: Lefty/I_Noah_Guy #WeLoveLefter logo: @itsmovement771 on twitter (Im 90% sure he made the logo, if not, dm and ill correct) Number:Me Render: Me
  7. T

    Fictional #43 Flintstones Scheme 2020-07-25

    This is a concept scheme for the #43 RPM car using the BR Cup 15 Mod, Ford Fusion, Flintstones Vitamins.
  8. SprintRacer92

    Team ARE ESCRL Fictional Schemes v1.2

    A set of 4 cars i'm running for my team in the ESCRL League. All 4 cars have some basic ratings, and a basic wagon paint (just a color and number swap for the wagons). Base: Me Numbers: Me Render: Me Template: Stunod & SplashNGo Logos: Google
  9. SprintRacer92

    #169 Fictional Rabbid Car 2020-07-01

    funny rabbid car Bases: Me Numbers: me Template: mencs19 Logos: Google
  10. JimmieJFan489

    2020 Tyler Reddick #8 Chevy Cares v1.0

    Here is Tyler Reddick's Car He Drove At Homestead-Miami This Past Weekend! Mod: MENCS2019 by Splash 'N Go Graphics Template: Big Evil Racing Logos: BER, Google Number: BER
  11. JustLiam

    Nations Cup Cars for Original Cup 2020-04-10

    Here are the Nation Cup Teams from my Nations League on YouTube. Credits: Templates: Original Cup Templates Contingencies: Me, Google Images Numbers: Me Logos: Google Images Bases: Me 40 Teams Included...Nations Cup Season Two Enjoy
  12. userofnames

    2020 Joey Gase OneLegacy (MENCup19) (Auto Club) v1

    Joey Gase's #53 OneLegacy Ford Mustang that ran at Auto Club. Mod: Splash n' Go Template: Splash n' Go Logos: Google Render: TMS Number: BER
  13. userofnames

    2020 Joey Gase Nevada Donor Network (MENCup19) (Las Vegas I) v1

    Joey Gase's #53 Nevada Donor Network Ford Mustang that ran at Las Vegas. Mod: Splash n' Go Template: Splash n' Go Logos: Google, Me Render: TMS Number: BER
  14. userofnames

    2020 Ross Chastain Wyndham Rewards (MENCup19) (Las Vegas I) v1

    Ross Chastain's #6 Wyndham Rewards Ford Mustang that he will drive at Las Vegas while Ryan Newman recovers from his Daytona crash. Mod: Splash n' Go Template: Splash n' Go Logos: Google Render: TMS Number: BER
  15. userofnames

    2020 Timmy Hill / VSI Racing (MENCup19) (Daytona I) v1

    Timmy Hill's #66 / VSI Racing Ford Mustang that will attempt to make the 2020 Daytona 500. Mod: Splash n' Go Template: Splash n' Go Logos: Google Render: TMS Number: BER
  16. CodyHGaming

    Terry Schoonover's #42 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (Atlanta Journal 500) 2019-12-17

    Hello everybody. Here is my next car in my NR2003 fallen drivers series. This is my attempt at Terry Schoonover's #42 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that he raced at Rockingham & Atlanta at the end of the 1984 NASCAR Winston Cup season. He tragically lost his life in an accident during the Atlanta...
  17. El Chavo 1982

    Cup10w mod Question

    I have a silly question to ask. Is it possible to convert the 2008 cup carset from the COT mod to the cup10w mod?
  18. isaac perdomo

    fictional NEXTEL car MENCS18 mod 1.0

    a fictional NEXTEL car for the MENCS18 mod credtis: template by SNG, base by Paint-By-RAH, numbers & logos by BER & GOOGLE
  19. CodyHGaming

    1971 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Season File 2018-06-11

    Hey everyone! Here is a season file representing the 1971 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season. This schedule had 48 races! This is going to take some explaining. This was the last year before NASCAR decided that if a race is shorter than 250 miles, it can't be on the schedule. So for 1971 and...
  20. CodyHGaming

    1972 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Season File 2018-06-11

    Hey everyone! Here is a season file representing the 1972 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season. 31 races. For the most part I tried to use tracks either of the same year or the closest existing prior version, the only tracks I used "future" versions of were ones where an older version of the track...