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  1. Jebrown

    (GN55) 1955-1956 Season Chryslers 2017-12-17

    The Kiekhaefer 300's are here! Carl Kiekhaefer began fielding cars in the NASCAR Grand National Series in 1955. He brought many innovations with him such as the use of dry paper air filters and the scientific testing of the motor oil for his race engines. He also introduced professional crews...
  2. Jebrown

    (GN55) 1953-1954 Set (Part 2) 2017-08-20

    The '53-'54 Season is finally here! Time to head south for the beginning of the new schedule. Though most pictures we find of this era are black & white, Nascar was never more colorful. With characters like Tim and Fonty Flock, Curtis Turner, Junior Johnson and Gober Sosebee banging fenders and...
  3. DaleJrFan95

    (GN55) 1953-1954 Set (Part 1) 2017-08-20

    While nearly six years old by 1953, NASCAR was still relatively in its infancy. The fields had begun to grow, and as time and experience began to seep into the sport's management, things became ever smoother in how they were run. By the end of the 1953 season, Herb Thomas would be crowned the...