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  1. TwelfthQuotient @ TwelfthQuotient:
    Good thinking, @LieutenantHardhat
  2. LieutenantHardhat @ LieutenantHardhat:
    It's never too early to start thinking of your April Fool's Day uploads. I already have mine taken care of.
  3. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    Good Night All.... :)
  4. SammyInABox1 @ SammyInABox1:
    Good job AJ!
  5. Phatdaddy @ Phatdaddy:
    Congrants to the Dinger!
  6. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    Dinger wins it
  7. Andle @ Andle:
    well does it
  8. Jonny683 @ Jonny683:
    Debating on if a race car needs headlights or not. More at 11.
  9. Andle @ Andle:
    great run by @lightblurzz. passed me with 2 to go and never looked back
  10. N @ Nascarfan23:
  11. NKnight @ NKnight:
    Yes it is....
  12. Andle @ Andle:
    that has to be frustrating
  13. NKnight @ NKnight:
    And NOBODY bothers to ask for permission.. UGH!
  14. NKnight @ NKnight:
    Come on guys... My README files, Track.ini, and the official WKC sites says Do Not Edit my tracks or ini files.. What part of that don't some of you understand?
  15. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    Happy Birthday @Scourge, have a nice day.
  16. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    Congrats to JH Nemechek.... Kyle needed 3 to 4 more laps (maybe) ?
  17. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    He just got lap back... not out yet :)
  18. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    Yep, he is going to need help now.
  19. DaleTona @ DaleTona:
    or a untimely cut tire......
  20. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    I think Kyle Busch is going to make it 4 in a row at Vegas. ONLY way he looses is a 2 lap shoot out, he is terrible on cold tires
  21. 2guns @ 2guns:
    would personally and publicly like to thank @Lastlap for his help and patience with me today.
  22. 2pac Shakur @ 2pac Shakur:
    Lol Camping World is sponsoring 10 cars tonight
  23. Andle @ Andle:
    bye bill
  24. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    Be careful and have fun!!
  25. Highbank @ Highbank:
    I'm out for the next three days, have fun Stunodees
  26. SammyInABox1 @ SammyInABox1:
  27. SammyInABox1 @ SammyInABox1:
    welcone back, Tom!
  28. Andle @ Andle:
    yay toms back
  29. Cola83 @ Cola83:
    @The Tigg - Stay off the computer, no Work of any kind and take the weekend for yourself... Personnel time is very important for rest and relaxation. :)
  30. Finnish909 @ Finnish909:
    So, I'm gonna try to be more active here again. Because oh look. I got some time.
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