NASCAR Duff Beer Series (The Simpsons) Carset

NASCAR Duff Beer Series (The Simpsons) Carset 2019-07-17

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For the Splash 'N Go Pintys Mod

Hey everybody. I decided to embark on a new project sort of like I've seen others such as @burtonbraves do. The concept of the NASCAR Duff Beer Series is simple: The biggest company in the hit tv show The Simpsons (Duff Beer) is sponsoring a NASCAR series in The Simpsons universe. Sponsors are 'real' businesses from the show, teams are owned by 'real' characters and drivers are 'real' characters. All 20 cars in this set come complete with ratings and a pit crews.

Check out each car, team and the story behind them in the
Duff Series Showroom:

Credits for all cars:
Splash 'N Go / Bill1947 on
modified by Me (Racingfan8:relievedface:
Logos: Google / Me (Racingfan8:relievedface:
Pit crews: Me (Racingfan8:relievedface:
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Good job on the paint schemes,love the creativity on this proyect