Jebrown's GN55 Carset (1956 Season pt.1)

Jebrown's GN55 Carset (1956 Season pt.1) 2017-03-05

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  1. Chevy and Ford tail light upgrade

    Upgraded the 1956 Chevy and Ford tail lights. Also, redid the shading on the Ford quarter panels...

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To collect together a number of the early season carsets like this is tremendous! The paintschemes are incredible and the whole atmosphere this mod generates owes a lot to the great artwork.
Thanks Monty and everyone else who commented here. It's been a blast painting these cars, and I'm not done yet!
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  • Version: 2017-03-05
This is a mega awesome set, man. Keep it comin'. I am beyond speechless.
Car set looks great. Thank you Don
Love This Mod, Thanks for showing it some long needed love!