Jebrown's GN55 Carset (1955 Season pt.1)

Jebrown's GN55 Carset (1955 Season pt.1) 2017-03-05

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Another fantastic set that had me driving around the old tracks for most of a weekend! Great ambience and a wonderful atmosphere. Where is there anything like this? Nowhere else, this is it!
Just Wow!
FANTASTIC! great carset!
THANKS! I'm glad to say there's more folks interested in these older cars than I ever thought. More to come...
IMHO ...Anyone that does work for this ageless Sim deserves a high rating, I love racing with this mod, can't help it, it's in my blood
Thanks! Glad you guys like 'em. There's some new stuff coming soon.
Good job with having limited resources to draw from to create this set and the '56 carset. Which is also very well done. Can't wait to give them both a spin later today.
Love being able to race in all different eras in NASCAR
This set is really awesome, the only problem I have with this and the 1956 set is the lack of several of the Carl Kiekhaefer cars. 4/5 stars.
This is a very nice set, I plan to run more classic series on NR2003, and this is just getting me further. Thank you!
Very nice!