(Fictional) Penske Chevrolet Carset (2019 MENCS)

(Fictional) Penske Chevrolet Carset (2019 MENCS) uno

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Why does this exist? No one knows! Even I don't know. Don't judge me and my ideas, and I won't judge you.

Templates: Splash N' Go
Numbers: Big Evil Racing
Logos: Google Images

Cars in set: #2 Alliance, #2 Wurth (not pictured), #12 PPG, #12 Menard's (not pictured), #22 Shell, #22 AAA (not pictured)
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Interesting and unique concept, and you did an excellent job on the accuracy on these schemes. Nice work!
Love it, you should do this with more teams. Like what if Ganassi ran fords like he does in IMSA & WEC
Looks Awesome i wish there were more carsets like these