Albert Park - Australian Grand Prix 2023

Albert Park - Australian Grand Prix 2023 2023-04-01

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Just in time for the 2023 Australian Grand Prix (19 hours and counting), Esco Trackside presents:


A 2023 update (2022 signage) to reflect the latest track layout and geometry for the Australian Grand Prix.

After missing out in 2020 and 2021, Albert Park returned to action in 2021, with a new ultra-high-speed section headlining a range of geometry changes that have been made to the track.


- Esco Trackside: Sandbox geometry, updated signage & AI development

- The base for this track was BAR's Hidden Valley, which means some textures and objects from that track have been used. Full credit for those go to Stuart Cowie and Bronte Austeam Racing

- Thanks to the makers of the other various mips and 3do's that have been used as part of this track. If you are the creator of anything you see here, and you want it removed, please let me know.



- To install, download and copy the "Albert Park Australian GP 2023" folder into your NR2003 tracks folder

- Don't forget to honour the Honey Badger by going Full Send into Turn 1, below the Go Ricciardo signage


As always, any feedback is much appreciated, and hope everyone enjoys.

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Latest reviews

This is going to be great to use in my fiction CART 2024 series. Great job!
Just raced there. The skanking AI were making pass attempts! Brilliant! Again, GREAT job on this track <3
Fantastic work as always!
this is amazing! your a legend dude! now we just need tracks like imola jeddah and a up to date spa and a few others and we might be able to relive f1 seasons in nr2003 aswell! keep up the amazing work my guy!
absolutely stunning. thanks for all you do for the community
thanks freat track di you have an adelaide or the latest mt panorama
Beautiful track, i have also a question for Esco, wheres the la coliseum?
Beautiful Track and Thanks for Sharing.