2022 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series full season set

2022 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series full season set 2023-02-04

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Here is the long awaited 2022 full season truckset! with every different scheme that ran in 2022! all trucks have pitboxes, and accurate raitings (special thanks to mia for her raitings formula), i would also like to thank everyone who helped with this projects, Rishabh, NCRD, DavidLivez, Kardygam, BryceO84, Logan7, 7Edge, Armondo, Mariner, 10-4 creative designs (stiggy), Matheus357, JoeyMJ1, bl47, KP1, Diko Priyonggo, for all helping make this possible.

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was fun painting trucks for the first time. Nice set!
Awesome set
Absolutely Amazing!!!
Thank you for all you guys do for NR2003
Perfect timing for the carset to be released, plus your whole crew's work on keeping the Trucks Series updated recently is fantastic and the team deserves the praise for it
This is incredible!!! Thank you all so much. I cannot remember in the 20 year history of NR2003 that a set of every single truck that ran in every race in an entire season was created for NR2003. An amazing accomplishment!!!

Speaking of amazing accomplishments, if I am correct.... this is the first year that all of the top NASCAR Series have had every single car and truck recreated in complete sets. NASCAR Cup Series, NXS, NCWTS, ARCA National, ARCA East, ARCA West and NASCAR WMT (coming out soon from GPD) all have complete sets of every paint scheme that ran in each race. BRAVO and THANK YOU to all of the incredible painters in our community!!!
game may be 20, but man it doesn't feel it! love it to death and glad we can keep it going stronger then ever, thank you for the support, it means alot!
Great Job on this set guys, your work is greatly appreciated!
Can't wait for what's next!
Great job guys
Amazing job man. Love it.
Thank you!!
thanks for all f your hard work last year
Been waiting for this for a while so happy that it's finally here! amazing!
hope you enjoy!