2019 Camaro SS Template

2019 Camaro SS Template 2018-05-25

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Here Is My Take On The 2019 Camaro SS. Completely Fictional And Note The SS Is Completely Different Than The ZL1. The 2019 ZL1 Is Rumored To Move Up To The Xfinity Series But It Has Not Yet Been Said By Chevrolet Themselves. @tankdriver245 did a version so I said why not? and took a stab at it. Anyways Here It Is. I wanna say that any feedback is appreciated cuz it's rarely I ever do templates. anyways credits:
Parts And Head And Taillights:Google
Hendrick B-Pillar Logos: Google

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  1. correct file

    correct file now. apparently other one was the wrong one
  2. 2019 Camaro SS Template(Fixed Taillights And File Format)

    fixed taillights as @Smoke14 suggested, and also uploaded an xcf format of the file because the...

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Nice job! One thing I'd do is fix the taillights so that they go to the side of the car as well.
no problem i'll try and fix it and thanks for the feedback Carter