2019 as 1959 car set (GN55 Mod)

2019 as 1959 car set (GN55 Mod) 2019-03-23

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Credits: GN55 mod by DMR
Template by Denis Rioux.

Paints cadged mostly from Jebrown and Highbank.
Logos mainly from Logo R.I.P. and Google Image searches.
Numbers, fonts etc. are found in Windows 10.

The remit:
OldSchoolNascar provided a 2017 GN55 Carset for GN55 bodies. I thought that new liveries looked mostly out of place on older bodies; so I have tried to re-imagine the 2019 season as the 1959 season, using period appropriate logos where possible. Where companies exist or have changed their name, I tried to use the 1959 iteration. Also, these rules may be broken for fun's sake.

Please edit where appropriate. This is presented as open use. All edits need not be credited.

(Also two bonuses).
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