2018 Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series Alternate Universe Set

2018 Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series Alternate Universe Set 2018-02-12

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good can i use that to create a NR2003 offline league?
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2018-02-12
Most of the cars are so nice. For the TGA files, perhaps would be more accurate to make the car files, more easy to use and visualize ... but you do an awesome work .thanks
Thanks for the kind words! The way its like the is because if you run a whole season (as I do) its easier to keep track with the standings and just import the schemes onto the same driver. At least on my end it is haha
Great schemes. For some reason, I can't open the RAR file. Maybe I'll re-install WinRAR.
Awesome car set, thank you for sharing.