1976 Winston Cup Carset

1976 Winston Cup Carset 1.0

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Credits :

Mod: BullRing :: Hobby Stock Mod

Original - Jerry Lepage
Modified - Jack Yaudes

Bases: Me
Numbers: BER - Racin Grafix - Jack Yaudes - Me
Logos: Google - Jack Yaudes - Me
Contigs: Google

season.ini Included
Rated Cars by me
65 cars, 61 different drivers

Hope you enjoy.

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Latest reviews

Hey awesome job on these but one thing I noticed is the Walter Ballard #30 has Clyde Lynn misspelled on the sides
Great job on these! Thanks so much!
Thanks for the 76 cars.
All we need now is 1967, 1968 1973, 1974 and 1975.
Love it!
This is nice.
you never do hear this era of racing in NR2003
Excellent job working with what we have to make these cars look authentic. Fantastic work! Thank you.
YESSS I Been What for This!
The 1976 Winston Cup Series is no longer missing in NR2003, thank you.