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trying to learn how to paint so posting some to get some people opinions
You're posting your cars in the wrong download section. They should be posted in the Paint Scheme section not the 3D Scenes section. Your cars actually look pretty good so far, you need to add some contingency and B-Pillar decals and a few associate sponsors.
alexander casstevens
alexander casstevens
ok thanks for the fee back i will try to do that for now on
Heeeeeey it's ya boi. Yes i have been uploading some of my Photoshop creations into a downloadable tga file, I plan to upload a ZIp file that has 3 cars inside, a bit of a Evernham Collection. Yes, Bill Elliott's 2003, Jeremy Mayfield's 2003 Lime Green roof and Kasey Kahne's 2008 Budweiser Dodge's will be the next upload on Stunod. Just gonna need to add the credits and the Kahne tga and all will be done.
Hello DaleJrFan95...I see that you made 2 ASA Cars of Mike Eddy and Gary St Amant (you did a great job making them. But is it possible for you to make a ASA 1998-1999 car set for the ASA 90 Mod? If so can you do it? Thanks
Matt Cross
Ahh ok thanks can you make more of those ASA cars for the BuschGns98 Mod by any chance?
I will whenever the mood strikes me. I posted two Adam Petty cars recently that are ASA.
You could use the executable that converts the cars too busch or cup
@Matt Cross
Very nice work on these cars. This series is in serious need of enhancement and you seem to have the eye for detail that will kick it up a few notches. Looking forward to a lot more of your work on cars of this era. For a rookie you have nailed it as I see it.
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Thanks for the encouragement! I think the main drawback of GN70ss is the NR2003.exe limitation which only allows four different car bodies.

ALTHOUGH ! I suspect there may be a workaround that allows the game to run with more than four unique bodies. I've reached out to some folks associated with DMR to try to test that theory... so stay tuned.

Paint-wise, I'm not too sure what to do next, but I'm open to ideas!
You asked about a track in the 1969 Trans Am Michigan car set down load comments. The screen shot was taken with the cars on the BAR_Symmons_Plains Track.
Track Name: BAR Symmons Plains Version: 2.0
Year of creation: 2004
Racing Sim: NASCAR Racing 2003
Author: Steve Whitty
Hello all, if you are seeing this, my game is a bit laggy it wasn't before or last week is just started to now, the game might crash from time to time. Any possible fix?