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The Professor
Hot Pass Member
Aug 16, 2016
Actually Ian by quoting them, YOU were putting those words in your mouth, does that make sense?
Ehh, I'm not gonna argue, it is pointless anyways.

To get back on topic and answer the question proper I have actually tried AMS2 myself a little, and found it not bad at all from the little bit of testing I did(Mainly ran the Ultima GTR Race Car around Donington, was pretty fun) but missing the key offline features I want. Haven't ran in several updates, but have heard good things.

I am sort of hoping they add 90's CART cars, that would be a hoot. They did confirm some oval stuff, and considering that local hero Emmo Fittipaldi ran the series, it seems like a obvious shoe in.


"The One, The Only"
Staff member
Dec 24, 2016
but missing the key offline features I want
Like I said, if you want it bad enough make it yourself or join a company and help them make. Studio 397 is hiring. Until then we don't need to hear about something like that when we're trying to put something out as a little bit of fanfare. This whole thread has gone the complete opposite of what I intended.

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