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Aug 17, 2017
Hi Everyone :)

Sometimes, you are working with an image getting ready to put it on your template of choice, and there are parts of the image you don't want to have. One tool you can use is the eraser tool. Here is how to use it.

  1. Select the little eraser tool in your tool bar. Might be different for the different software you use - Photoshop, Paintshop, Gimp
  2. Go up to the top left corner of your main window and you will see several dropdown options.
  3. You can choose, among many options, size of tool, whether the tool will erase a hard edge or a softer edge or a diffuse edge.
  4. Make SURE you have the image layer selected in your template or have it in it's own image to work with.
  5. Go to a corner of your image and do a couple test strokes to make sure you have the properties you want before trying to erase what you want.
  6. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, the undo and step backward commands are your best friends.
  7. Keep erasing til you have the precise image you want for the template you are working with.
  8. This tool can work hand in hand with the magic wand I wrote about before.
  9. Above all, the more precise you can be the better final image you will get.
  10. This is where having a steady hand helps - Trust me I have messed up plenty of images because my hand shook too much on my mouse.
Hope this helps the newbie!


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