Who's Your Favorite Driver and Why?

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Josh Beauchamp

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Feb 17, 2018
Tyler, TX
I'll Start This One:

My Favorite Driver is Jimmie Johnson, and the reasoning why is pretty funny.
About 13 Years ago, one of my best friends had NASCAR Thunder 2003 for his GameCube, and we would play it whenever I went to his house. My go-to driver in that game was Bobby Labonte since he is from Texas (1st Grader Logic). Flash forward to September of 2007. I was bored in my room and saw there was a NASCAR Race on. So I turned it on (The 2007 Richmond Fall Race) and naturally looked for my favorite driver, which at the time was Bobby Labonte. I go through the running order and see he's not in the #18 Car anymore, he's in the #43 Car. This irritates Second-Grade me, so I decide to not be a fan of him anymore (Second-Grader Logic). So I decided that whoever was in first at that point would be my new favorite driver. As fate would have it, it was Jimmie Johnson, and since then he's been my favorite driver. Now that I'm older (18 as of this post), I like him for more reasons than just he lead one race, and it turned out to be a good choice now that I look back.

So that's my story, and I'm curious to hear some of y'alls stories.


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Nov 5, 2017
Favorite Driver of All-Time is pretty explanatory by my signature, username, and profile pic. It's the Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt. My family always loved him after they watched him live at one of the track near where I live and I had an uncle who was also a fan who went to the races a lot. Dale always made NASCAR races fun to watch. It didn't matter if he was leading the race or 60 laps down in 43rd he always was doing something amazing. Not only that Dale was also a class act off the track which is pretty rare now adays.

Favorite Current Driver: Was Dale Jr until he retired last year now its Chase Elliott. Son of the Legendary Bill Elliott, Junior's protégé and not to mention the fact me and him have the exact same birthday and birth year.

Likes: Cutch_22


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Apr 26, 2017
It all started as a little kid. My dad, a fan of Team Penske because of the PA roots, and as a noted drinker of Miller Lite got me hooked on the #2 of Rusty Wallace.

Ever since, I've been an ardent enthusiast of whoever is behind the wheel of the "Blue Deuce". One of my favorite memories with my dad was watching the 2012 Miami race, and watching the #2 win the first title for The Captain, it was incredible.

To this day I still favor anybody who drives for Penske over anybody else.

Of course, since I've started following the sport much more than I had in the past, I've now developed fandom for Brad Keselowski Racing alums, in Daniel Hemric, Austin Cindric, and Chase Briscoe.


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Sep 8, 2018
Well, my favorite driver is Dale jr, it all started when I was a child and my dad got me my first ever dale jr hauler, and ever since that day I've been an dale jr fan keeping my collection open and wide. And now i've grown to more driver jrm wise, and Christopher Bell, who got me to watch trucks. And now even though jr's retired, I'm not gonna stop rooting for HMS, or JRM. 2015-Daytona-II-CUP-Dale-Earnhardt-Jr-woohoo-CIA-660x439.jpg 020717-nascar-dale-earnhardt-jr-daytona-2004.vresize.1200.630.high.58.jpg 325563_10150300163633598_576100488_o.jpg Daytona500DaleEarnhardtJrWins12.jpg

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