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Jun 23, 2016
Edmond, OK
A lot of you caring members have been sending me PM's while I was away for a bit and wanted to make sure I was in good health and I thank you for checking on me. Instead of replying to the 32 members that asked me where I was, I figured I would just update everyone here.

At the start of the summer me and my family decided to plan a vacation packed summer. Take our two girls out and have some fun! In the mist of taking some vacation time coming and going from work to vacations. Family came to visit us a lot during the summer too. I told myself that I was going to step away from computers and video games and just hang with the family and come back to it when my oldest daughter started school.

My health couldn't be any better and I wasn't sick of the site, I just needed a break from it as I needed to spend some time with the family as I work 14-18 hour days at work and don't get to hang with them often. I have a 16 month old that takes a lot of our time too! I promise that I have no plans on going or leaving the community anytime soon nor am I close the site. I would give it to Tom before it closed.

@garrett1127 knew of me taking the time off and did a bang up job at keeping it going!

Again, We thank you all for making Stunod Racing what it is today and it would be here without you all!

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