Watermelon based base...

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Jul 31, 2016
Hey guys, I'm looking for a old Gen6 Watermelon based base from quite a while back. I don't remember who did it or where I used to see it. Does anybody know or remember what I'm talking about and if so where it is or who did it ??? Appreciate any\all help ! Thanks !


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Dec 1, 2020
Mudd over at SRD made this base and released it to the public, ALL credit to him. I just put them on the Gen6 Cars for you. ;)

Again, all credit to Mudd over at SRD for the base!



  • 2015_Dodge_Watermelon.psd
    4.6 MB · Views: 7
  • 2015_Ford_Watermelon.psd
    5.6 MB · Views: 7
  • 2015_Toyota_Watermelon.psd
    4.3 MB · Views: 4
  • 2015_Chevy_Watermelon.psd
    5.7 MB · Views: 5
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